Recipe: Taco Soup (only 367 calories per serving!)

Like most people, I LOVE tacos. I also love soup and considering this ridiculously cold weather — we live in the Sacramento area and somehow our windshields were frozen over the other day?! WHAT THE HECK?! — I’m in the mood for soup. So what could be better than combining two of my favorite things? Not much (at least that’s…


Valentine’s Day should be about love, not $$$ spent

As tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share a few thoughts. I personally really love this holiday because it is a great time to celebrate the love in all of your relationships. That being said, because it has been so commercialized, people tend to focus on the gifts portion more than I personally feel is necessary… oh, and on…


5 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Finding the perfect dress always seemed SO incredibly important to me. Growing up — and as an adult — I always loved watching every possible wedding show and movie I could find, “Say Yes to the Dress” was of course my favorite. Then suddenly, life happened (as it does) and I was looking for a dress of my own. EXCITING,…


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