Hemp milk will make you rethink all other non-dairy milks… here’s why!

OMG I’m so sorry… I’ve been slacking because my birthday was on the 10th and a few days before that I travelled to Orange County to get my eyebrows microbladed (I can’t WAIT to share all about the process once they’re healed.) But anyway, I apologize and I can now stop being so self-obsessed and using my birthday as an excuse to be LAZY.


I’m writing this post because I’ve gotten a lot of questions about hemp milk since posting my Overnight Oats recipe… read it here.  Prior to moving to the Bay Area I lived in Tacoma, Washington.  Since leaving there I’ve found that hemp milk is not really a “thing” in California just yet, but you can get it in most cafes in Washington so I developed a deep love for it!  Hemp milk makes a mean chai tea latte, but it can of course be used for other things… like Overnight Oats.  Contrary to the questions I’ve been getting… no you will not get a high from drinking hemp milk.

Here’s why I like it:

  • The texture is not at all watery like some other non-dairy milks… I would say it is the thickness of 2% cows milk (though I haven’t drank cows milk in FOREVER so perhaps it is closer to whole milk???)
  • The flavor is great and MILD… maybe that sounds odd but whenever I use “milk” I’m not hoping to really taste it too much
  • If you like milk on your cereal, you can actually put this on your cereal and it won’t do that weird thing that coconut milk does where it has too many oils in it so it doesn’t actually absorb (I seriously HATE that even though I also enjoy coconut milk)
  • A lot of people avoid all things soy, and I’m not necessarily one of those people BUT soy milk does give me a headache so this is a great alternative and I stay headache free
  • You can buy it for SO cheap… I just re-ordered on Amazon and for 12 cartons it was only $56…. LIKE WHAT???
  • Because it is a little more creamy than say rice milk (barf! I hate rice milk and if you like it I’m sorry but I do not understand what’s to even like about it?!) it is a perfect liquid base for things like Overnight Oats
  • I purchase the original flavor (which is just slightly sweetened), but they also make it in chocolate, vanilla, and unsweetened
  • You can find hemp milk in some stores (especially in Washington), but I’ve had a terrible time finding it in California… so shop online (which is one of my favorite things to do anyway!)  For the same 12 pack I buy, click here
  • Mmmm…. I don’t know what else… but I suggest buying it immediately!

Okay, let me know what your favorite non-dairy milk is! I love to try new things.  AND, if you love hemp milk, let me know what you use it for.

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