EVERYTHING you NEED to know about mani/pedis… (this is not an optional read…)

Friends! You may or may not know but I’m the writer behind Charme Studio’s Blog — a nail and skin studio in Tacoma, WA — and it has come to my attention that my own followers need the information I write about on behalf of their owner, Martina Ngo!

Rather than tell you everything that’s on the blog… below I’m tagging each post (in order).  Let me say this however, you ABSOLUTELY do NOT want to get another mani/pedi until you’ve read at least half of these blog posts… I’m dead serious, working with Charme has changed my entire view of the nail industry and I know you too will not be able to un-hear (okay, un-read) this information.

Alright, so click here for the blog page.

And below are the linked posts from first to last… by title:

Your typical pedicure experience should be reconsidered… here’s why!

Waterless Pedicures: they’re not traditional but they’re better in every way… trust me! 

Charme Studio Story

Tutus, and fairy wings, and nail polish… oh my!

Dip Powder Manicures: sold as safe and organic… but is it really?

What does your $15 pedicure really mean?  If you guessed “unsafe illegal practices” you’re probably right…

Could you look your nail tech in the eyes if you knew she was being exploited?

Don’t be part of the problem

P.S. coming soon, a post about GEL POLISH.  People seem to love or hate it, but there’s a right and wrong way to apply and remove it… and those processes make all the difference.  Keep an eye on Charme’s blog (or add them on Instagram @charme.studio) so you know when new posts are up!

P.P.S. All pictures are taken by Charme Studio (and or photographers Martina works with!)

P.P.S.S. If you’re in Tacoma, WA, book appointments with Martina and her team!

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