If you don’t ask, the answer is always ‘no’… Southwest airlines showed me why it never hurts to ask!

This weekend I flew to Los Angeles, CA and my mom actually convinced me that I should post about this experience I had with Southwest Airlines.  So, thanks mom!

A few things I like about Southwest:

  • Cheaper fares than most other airlines
  • You can check a bag for free (actually I think you can check two bags for free)
  • You can kind of choose who you are sitting by/where you are sitting on the plane because the seats aren’t assigned… so unless you’re in the last boarding group you will have somewhat of an option

A few things I’ve disliked about Southwest in the past:

  • I took a break from Southwest for almost a year because I had a long string of flights that were MAJORLY delayed and/or cancelled
  • Having to check-in 24 hours before your flight is a bit obnoxious but necessary because it dictates your seating
  • The unassigned seating makes the boarding of the plane (and even the check-in process) a little more frenzied than I love when I travel

However, recently I’ve taken a few Southwest flights and I’m happy to report that they were all on time! Additionally, the reason for this post is what happened to me last night…

I arrived at the airport an hour and 10 minutes before my flight. I was flying out of Burbank, CA into San Jose, CA.  The Burbank airport is quite small so I never feel the need to get there super early.  I went through security in 2 seconds per usual.  And as I was walking to my own gate I passed a gate where the announcer right then mentioned 5 passengers who were missing and it was about to take off.  It was another Southwest flight… so I decided, if I could get on this flight that takes off in 5 minutes, it will get me home at the time that my original flight is supposed to leave.  So, I asked.  I went up to the nearest Southwest desk and asked if I could get on that flight and she said, “sure!”  I scanned my boarding pass and she verified my ID, and then I got on that plane.  No additional fees. No issues with me switching.  Not even a long conversation as to why I wanted to switch.  It was SO EASY.  Actually the captains even waved at me through the front windows as I was walking up the stairs to get on the plane… it was really cute!

So while I won’t say that’s always been my experience when trying to switch flights (even on Southwest), hats off to the Burbank airport’s Southwest team because I couldn’t have asked for an easier end to my fun-filled weekend.  And I even got to sit in an exit row next to two nice gentlemen who shared their flight-purchasing-tips AND who told me some TV series I should check out.

What’s your favorite airline?  Tell me your flight experiences!

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