Laser hair removal: is it worth it?

Back in 2014 I decided to get laser hair removal and ever since, the popularity of laser hair removal has increased, and so have the number of questions I receive about the process and price from friends and family.  So, I decided it was finally time to share on my blog.

Let me first say that I highly highly HIGHLY suggest getting laser hair removal.  However, I also suggest doing your research. I went to Ideal Image in Tacoma, WA and paid quite a hefty price — even with a sale they had going on — but it was seriously worth it.  My total cost was about $4,500 for 9 sessions I think… it was a while ago, and it was for just one area, BUT the amount of time and money I’ve saved on waxing since has totally made it worthwhile.  

But like I said, you can’t just go anywhere.  A lot of day spas — a form of a beauty salon — claim to do the same thing, and while they do use lasers, they’re not high quality, state-of-the-art lasers and systems that Ideal Image uses (which by the way considers itself a medical spa).  I’ve had friends experience laser treatments at day spas and while they’re MUCH cheaper, the results simply do not last. I was definitely willing to pay more upfront for results that would last… and 4 years later, they’ve completely held up.  So find a place that specializes in lasers before you begin the process… and if the “deals” sound too good to be true, they probably are.  Additionally, I have heard laser hair removal horror stories because you’re using LASERS on your skin and can burn yourself up.  So please keep that in mind… you need to pick a company that actually knows what in the heck they’re doing!

Perhaps this is inappropriate, but I can’t really share my experience well without sharing where on my body I received the laser hair removal treatment… I got a Brazilian.  I know I know… maybe the whole world doesn’t need to know… but now you do. So previous to getting laser treatment, I would get waxed every 4 weeks like clockwork.  And while the lady I used here in the Bay Area was only about $50 with tip, once I moved to Washington prices were much higher around $95 with tip. EVERY 4 WEEKS! And it was such a hassle… if you’ve ever gotten waxed you know the annoyance of the process. If you haven’t gotten waxed, you have to grow the hair out long enough in order to get waxed… and… just, yuck.    

So as you can probably imagine… getting laser treatment hurt A LOT.  I have a high pain tolerance and I really hated the process… at least for the first 5 sessions.  Because my skin is more pigmented than some people because of my ethnicity — and let’s be honest, because I used to enjoy tanning in tanning beds all the damn time — the laser that had to be used on me was REALLY EFFING PAINFUL.  The sessions weren’t even that long and the trained professionals who did the procedure were wonderful, but holy hell it did not feel good. However, by the last 4 sessions, because my skin tone had lightened so much — you are not supposed to tan during the year and a half that they are treating you — I was able to switch lasers and the new one was actually quite mild and I didn’t mind it at all.  THANK GOODNESS. Post procedure for a day or so, you may experience some redness or itching, and you aren’t supposed to swim or workout… but I luckily had no poor reactions and fingers crossed you won’t either.

To give you an idea of the types of people who run these lasers at the more quality laser studios, one time I had a Registered Nurse Practitioner from my very own doctor’s office.  She had wanted to learn lasers so she got all trained up and then did that a few days per week… and that made me feel good. You want qualified people who truly know what they’re doing, especially if they’re getting near your lady bits.  I mean if a RNP is telling me this is safe, I’m going to trust her. 

Now I have not had any other places on my bod lasered, but… I wouldn’t hesitate if I had money coming out of my ears.  I should mention, even after you’ve finished your sessions, it is possible to have a few rogue hairs grow back and that is completely normal especially over time and with changes in your body such as hormones if you become pregnant… but even with a few random strays, I can’t even tell you how much more comfortable I am as a person not having to even think about what’s growing down there.  OMG I’m seriously probably going to hate myself for posting this in like 2 days haha.

I know people who’ve gotten their bikini lines (less invasive than what I did obviously lol), armpits, arms, legs, etc. done, and they don’t regret it at all.  It also isn’t just for women. Men frequently get these types of procedures done including on their necks (especially if they grow really full beards), backs, etc.  The great thing about Ideal Image is that the environment is so nice and private that even guys feel comfortable heading in.

So that’s it.  My experience with laser hair removal has been phenomenal and I would totally recommend it to anyone who either has to get waxed a lot or is simply embarrassed by unwanted hair.  Please please please just make sure to do your research when choosing a company to get the treatments with. I know of plastic surgery offices for instance that I wouldn’t be nervous about getting treatment from, but a spa that maybe does some facials but primarily massages and waxing… wouldn’t really be my first choice.

If you have questions or an experience to share, please do! I’d love to know your thoughts.

By the way, Ideal Image has their own blog that answers other questions about their services… you can check it out by clicking here.

And the swimsuit in the first picture is linked here.



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