What dark circles? How to hide under eye darkness

One of my biggest pet peeves is dark circles under my eyes… and  unfortunately it doesn’t matter how much sleep I get, I will always have them (besides when I’m super tan and then they mostly disappear).  That being said, I’ve had to learn how to hide dark circles… and not to toot my own horn, but I think I’ve mastered it.

When you see my before and after pictures below, you may think to yourself, “those dark circles aren’t even that dark.”  I will admit they’ve lightened QUITE a bit since using Rodan + Fields…  The UNBLEMISH line that I use at night isn’t even necessarily meant to lighten under eyes but it definitely has, and about a month ago I also started using two additional eye products: REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream and Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex.  Shop Rodan + Fields here.  Tip: it is easier to cover up under eye dark circles if you hardly have any…

All item names are linked.

Step 1: Prime

I use Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer on my entire face including under my eyes.  Using a primer definitely helps your makeup to go on smoothly and  stay in place throughout the day.

Optional Step 2:  Correct

I say this step is optional because I only use a corrector if I’m doing a full face of make-up for an event for instance.  I don’t wear very much make-up on the daily, so I currently skip this step (though it used to be an everyday step for me).  This Bobbi Brown Corrector is best applied with your finger.  You simply tap a tiny bit under your eye to correct the purple hue that dark circles often take.  I use color “Bisque.” This item is currently on sale.

Step 2: Conceal

I’ve tried so many other concealers, and Chanel Le Correcteur de Chanel Concealer has been a staple for years.  I love how lightweight this concealer is but it also has staying power.  I put this on in an upside down triangle under my eyes and then let sit for about 2 minutes… the longer you let it sit, the thicker and more concealing it will feel.  If I’m wanting it to be very light coverage, I don’t let it sit.  Once again, I use my finger to apply.  You do not want to put it just under your eyes if you’re trying to conceal dark circles, you actually need to lighten further past your under-eye… hence the triangle.  I use color “Beige 20.”  I also love that this concealer doesn’t settle into creases nearly as much — if at all — as other concealers do.

Step 3: Set (Powder)

I don’t necessarily use setting powder on my entire face, but under my eyes I ALWAYS do.  My absolute favorite is Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder for Under Eyes.  If I don’t wear the brightening powder, by the end of the day my dark circles will be out to play.  This item has the slightest amount of shimmer in it — not necessarily noticeable to the naked eye — but it is the secret to brightening.  Place a flattened precision brush into the powder, then tap excess off, and pat under the eyes (don’t brush on!)  I also add a little on my eyelids too before adding eye shadow.  This item is currently on sale.

Step 4: Set (Spray)

I use a few different setting sprays and interchange them depending on the day, so my two current go-to’s are: MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Finishing Mist and Urban Decay’s D-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray.  It doesn’t matter if the only makeup I put on is bronzer, I ALWAYS use a setting spray.  Setting spray is what makes your makeup stay in place and also enhances certain makeup elements like highlighters.  Now you’re finished!


In the Before and After picture’s below, I don’t have on any makeup besides one coat of drugstore mascara… Rimmel London’s Scandal Eyes Retro Glam.  My eyelashes have gotten longer since I began using Rodan + Field’s ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost, and I’ve noticed I can wear pretty much any bargain mascara even though I used to swear by other — more expensive — mascaras.


No makeup besides mascara on top lashes, no filter, lots of freckles…


Brighter lighting because the sun came out, under eye makeup + mascara, no filter, less freckles (hidden by concealer)…

If I want my under eyes to be even brighter, I just add more brightening powder — and definitely use my Bobbi Brown Corrector — and then contrast with a lot of bronzer.  But, the best part is how natural it looks… it just appears that I don’t really have dark circles rather than that I’m wearing makeup to hide it.  My goal with under eye makeup is to simply even my skin-tone and look rested, and that’s the look I’m able to accomplish with the products above!

What are your favorite under eye makeup items?  Or even skincare items?! Let me know!


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