The ultimate — and cheap — hair gloss

I’ve been using Garnier Fructis Style Brilliantine Shine Glossing Spray for longer than I can remember… I believe I bought the first bottle in high school. And I’ve only actually purchased 2 bottles ever because a little goes a very long way. While I don’t use it everyday, every time I use it I’m reminded why I love it.

Every once in a while your hair — or at least my hair — looks a bit dull.  Part of it is my hair color (I consider it an ashy brown), and part of it is that my hair is chemically treated every 4 weeks (my hair is naturally VERY curly so I get it relaxed), but regardless… at times it just needs some added shine.

When I’m finished styling my hair, I hold the spray about 6 inches away from my head and spritz it once or twice (use sparingly). That’s all it takes! If you use dry shampoo, finish styling then spray Brilliantine Shine Glossing Spray on top and avoid having hay-like hair.

Purchase this product because: it smells amazing, it lasts a very long time, it is not oily unlike other glossing sprays (actually many glossing sprays are in fact pure oil and therefore add weight and greasiness to your hair), it does not make your hair crunchy (like hairspray), it can be sprayed on wet or dry hair and has the same glossing effect, and… oh yeah, it costs less than $5!

Thank me later, this is a finishing product you won’t regret purchasing!

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