Highlight your brows in 5 seconds or less

I’ve always used some sort of shimmer eyeshadow along the brow bone, but let me tell you… I most DEFINITELY should have purchased this Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil sooner. It is SO easy.

The pencil has a shimmer side and a matte side. The matte side is perfect for daytime looks — applied on the brow bone just under your eyebrow hairs — and the shimmer side is perfect for evening looks (applied in the same way.) I also use the shimmer side right at the tear duct to make my eyes look brighter and more awake… lord knows we can all use a little help there!

I love this pencil because all it takes is a quick swipe — the pencil is relatively soft — and then you use your index finger to blend in. Even though I was able to get a defined brow using powder, this pencil is much easier AND the matte side is actually so defining for daytime looks without looking like you’re trying too hard (I don’t usually wear any shimmer makeup during the day on my eyes except for in the corner.) Additionally, if your brows are a bit unruly, using the pencil helps to define them even if you don’t have the time to pluck/wax/thread.

Click here to purchase this awesome product! And guess what? It’s only $23!

P.S. This pencil duo comes in 2 color combinations: Camille/Sand and Shell/Lace. I use Shell/Lace which is for more tan complexions.


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