Buffing Grains: the exfoliant you need in your skincare arsenal

Have you ever had a face wash that you love, but sometimes wish it had some ground apricot seeds, those little bursting beads, or even some sand just to create an exfoliating affect? Because, same. I have a few drugstore staples, but for the most part, my face washes are smooth… and while they do make my face feel amazing, sometimes we just need a little figurative sand blasting on our skin! Am I right?!

I’ve found the perfect solution: Bobbi Brown Buffing GrainsSeriously, this product is genius. Like I said before, I do use a few face washes that already buff my skin, but for the most part, my washes just don’t have it. I’ve noticed that a lot of washes for acne prone skin don’t include any type of exfoliant — I assume that’s to avoid irritation — and although I don’t have acne I still use acne products… I know, I’m so weird. So here’s how Bobbi Brown changed my skincare routine (okay, to be fair BB is one of my go-to makeup and skincare brands so this isn’t the first time the brand has changed my life!), if I can feel that my skin needs a little roughing up, all I do is pour a chosen amount of grains into my face wash, mix up in the palm of my hand, add a bit of water, and wash per usual. It is THAT easy! If you need more exfoliation, add more, if you need less, add less.

Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains are made from Japanese adzuki bean powder which smooths your skin, removes dry patches, and leaves a glow. Something in the bean powder actually helps to regenerate skin cells and draw out dirt and bacteria (or so I’ve heard, I’m not an expert)! Each time I use this product I can’t get over how great my skin feels. And if you don’t believe me, the whole reason I bought it a few months back was the great reviews; on Nordstrom.com, it is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 200 reviews!

Click here to buy! Currently this product is price matched and therefore 15% off, making it only $39.10. Plus, it lasts! A little definitely goes a long way.


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