Pinterest Nail Inspo: Star Bright Nail Art

The “Pinterest Nails” craze totally changed the nail game… and it is SO fun to see the cool — and often intricate — creations people come up with. That being said, I’m kind of a purest… I like simple nails: either really light or really dark, maybe sparkles but I’m oddly specific, matte is great, nothing bright, and I’m very picky on designs, etc. Those of you who know me in person are probably SHOCKED by all this… not haha.

These star nails are SO cute and I love that they’re fun but also remain dainty and sweet… at least on two of them you could almost miss the stars if you weren’t paying close enough attention!

If you want to replicate these patterns at home, simply find loose glitter stars and delicately apply to wet nail polish, wait for them to dry, then finish with a clear coat (at least that’s how I’d do it but I’m not a nail expert.) You could also get some of those glitter nail polishes that have the bigger glitter pieces and then if you’re patient you can usually place them as well. The white star inspo pic is out of my realm of expertise or understanding… I imagine they used a stencil and then sprayed the paint so it looks even. However, that is just a guess. Either way, I love that Pinterest provides so many cute ideas that — if you’re lucky — you can take to your favorite nail salon and say, “do this!” and they actually will. There’s a lot of talented nail techs out there… you just have to find them (which isn’t the easiest task… though getting star glitter on your nails isn’t exactly shooting for the stars… haha… get it?)

If you’re in Tacoma, WA, go to my friends at Charme Studio, but if you’re like me and you’re no where near Tacoma… either perfect the process yourself (which I actually think is doable with two of these), or pull up these pictures at your next nail appointment!


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