Black is the new Black

Have you ever considered painting your bathroom black?? If so, you’d be right on trend… right about now actually. 🖤

This year bathrooms are quite literally the opposite of what we have grown accustomed to seeing. However, it’s not all changed. Natural light, light colored flooring, clean lines, and white countertops are still just as critical as ever to make these black bathrooms pop!

So don’t sleep on this super chic look, live on the dark side and paint one of your bathrooms today… I dare you! 

Reminder: I am a freelance content writer for a real estate professional and one of the topics I cover is home décor/interior design trends. Because I post about this weekly, I’m including some of those posts [slightly edited] on here as well… because why not?! These posts will be short, sweet, and heavy on photos.

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