Try these steps to grow your hair

Over the last year or so my hair has REALLY grown, and while I’m in no way an expert on the topic, I thought I’d share what seems to have worked for me. Try one or all of my tips, and hopefully you’ll see an improvement in your hair growth — and strength — as well! First let me say,…


Watermelon Hack

Alright, this is such a random post… but being that it is nearly Summer which obviously means WATERMELON SEASON… I thought I should share this incredible hack that’s changed my watermelon game for life. Now, I’ve only done this with the small — are they called “mini”? — watermelons, but I imagine it could work with most sizes. Simply cut…


Gray, who?

Remember when beige was all the rage? Well it’s back and better than ever!  No trend is ever really “out” for good, but beige has taken a backseat to gray for quite some time… thankfully not anymore. We are loving the warmth beige can bring into a room and the color goes perfectly with all the earthy tones and textures…


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