Let’s all judge less and appreciate more

I want to start off by saying, my whole reason for writing this particular post is because I’ve transitioned to using a lot more clean and natural products (both in my home and as part of my skincare routine) that I wanted to share with my readers, but because I still admittedly use “dirty” chemical-filled products as well, I was worried about the criticism I might receive for not being 100% on the chemical-free, sustainably-sourced, organic, cruelty-free, etc. train. I don’t want to be labeled a fraud just because I am conscious of the products I use, but not perfect in that category. And that got me thinking about this whole messed up issue…

WARNING: This is a word-heavy post, but worth the read.

Have you ever followed an influencer or celebrity because of their chosen platform, but then noticed there’s an aspect of their life that they don’t do “quite as well” or the “specific way” you would like, and so you immediately start to judge them? Have you ever written a comment on their post reflecting that? Or read through the comments and seen that others had? I have a weird obsession of reading comments on posts, and it’s clear to me that people have NO problem judging every little aspect of someone’s life.

I’ve seen amazingly inspirational fitness/transformation influencers be asked one week to share a grocery haul, and the next week be completely berated for buying fruits and vegetables wrapped in plastic.

I’ve seen advocates for plant-based diets who post awesome recipes and tips, be completely torn down for going to the grocery store to buy foods rather than from their local Farmers Market, and then spoken to even worse for not buying organic crackers even though 95% of what they buy is.

I’ve seen make-up artists upload a quick video from the car and get hate messages for having a Starbucks with a plastic straw.

I’ve seen a workout enthusiast be plastered as supporting eating disorders, just because she happened to be a smaller person who loved to share her workouts (but had secretly always had a difficult time putting on weight which was an insecurity for her.)

I’ve seen dog foster parents sharing the journeys of their fosters, be tormented for “not loving animals enough to not eat them.”

I’ve seen body positive influencers be labeled sluts and attention whores for showing — & attempting to normalize — their bodies (big, medium, or small).

I’ve seen mom’s share all things parenting (both the good and the bad), only to be criticized for not being strict enough, or gender neutral enough, or 50s housewife enough.

I’ve seen actors be told to “stay in their lane” because they mentioned politics on THEIR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA as if they’re not real people with real thoughts as well.

I’ve even seen influencers grow in tremendous ways because they took the time to educate themselves on things going on today, only to be told to “stick to the old stuff.” As if someone should ever be criticized for growth, knowledge, and changed perspective…

SO many good people, platforms, and deeds are cast in a negative light by just not being enough to their followers.

The reality is this: every celebrity, every influencer, and truly every person you follow on social media or watch in whatever platform is available, is JUST a human being who’s most likely trying to do his or her best in this crazy world. Just because someone focuses on, or is passionate about something you identify with, doesn’t mean you will be aligned in all things. Perhaps he or she has considered the issue of plastic straws and simply doesn’t think it is a big deal, or perhaps he or she is simply uneducated on the topic… either way, it is okay to appreciate the things you connect with someone on, without judging them on your differences.

I saw a fantastic piece of writing some time ago by Carla Borthwick on Sophia Bush’s Instagram that really summed up my feelings but also made me think about the world and people’s intentions differently:

“To the person who uses metal straws to save fish but consumes animals, I’d like to say thank you. To the vegan who isn’t aware of our homelessness problem, thank you. To the climate change activists who aren’t attentive to fast fashion, thank you. To the girl who gives her old clothes to the disadvantaged but isn’t educated on sex trafficking, thank you. To the guy who picks up rubbish on his way home from a surf but isn’t well-informed about male suicide rates, thank you. To the people who stand up for horse racing concerns but are uninformed of the cruelty of the dairy industry, thank you. To the positive Instagram influencer who hasn’t cultivated a plastic-free lifestyle, thank you. To the grandparents who knit for sick children but aren’t up to date with current race and homophobic issues, thank you. To the students who stand up for bullying but are unaware of the constant domestic violence epidemic, thank you. To the peace activists, feminists, stray dog adopters, teachers, volunteers, foster carers, recyclers, givers, doers and believers, I say thank you. We are all on a different path and we all see through different eyes. Current world issues that you are passionate about, aren’t always what other people are trying to change… and that’s okay. It’s not everyone’s job to save every part of the world but it is everyone’s responsibility to thank every person who is doing THEIR part to save the world. Don’t critique, just appreciate. Don’t judge, just educate. We’re all trying our best.”

I should never feel like I shouldn’t write a blog post about natural skincare products I think people will love, for fear of judgement that I use other products that don’t fit into the same category. Behind every Instagram profile is a real person with real feelings who is most likely just trying to do his or her best. We have to do better at appreciating one another for our passions, whether or not they’re shared. Share knowledge, help others grow, but come from a place of love rather than criticism or judgement.

… and with that, I plan to share some of my favorite skincare items in the very near future! 🙂

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