1 Great Company, 5 Clean Skincare Products

Continuing my skincare series, I have to highlight a particular brand (rather than a type of store to purchase skincare)… which can be purchased directly online, or in stores like Target, Ulta, and Whole Foods. Cocokind is a wonderful company focused on, “clean, conscious, and accessible beauty for all.” The ingredients are safe, and the product packaging — while beautiful — is also recyclable (and they’re so genuine in their efforts to be as sustainable as possible, that they even tell you exactly how to recycle products when you’re done… how cool is that?)

Now, I love the idea of clean skincare, but if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t use it… regardless of how clean it is. This stuff is seriously great and considering that NO day goes by without me using a minimum of one product, they’re pretty damn awesome (oh yeah, and affordable.) I should also mention I’ve been using these products for about a year.

Picking my favorites was incredibly difficult, but I managed to pick my top 5… in no particular order (plus a couple bonus items as well…)

My Top 5 Cocokind Products

1. Chlorophyll Mask

This loose powder mask helps to clarify and brighten dull skin. I personally like to use it when my skin feels congested or extra oily. What I love most about this mask is how you can simply add water — and it is great! — or mix with honey, yogurt, etc. depending on what your skin needs right now. I’d advise against using it in the morning simply because it can leave a very slight green hue to your face (though it certainly washes off… just sometimes takes 2 washes.) This product is my “green juice” for the face… and my skin feels noticeably healthier and cleaner after use. Plus, absolutely lasts for a longggg time as very little goes a long way.

2. Raspberry Vinegar Toner

This toner is specifically designed for oily or acne-prone skin as it helps reduce oil, balance your PH, and of course helps promote clear skin. So, in full disclosure, this stuff is fabulous BUT it for sure smells like salad dressing… but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Believe me, salad vibes are worth the effectiveness. Since using this product my skin consistently feels more even and balanced. While you can spritz your entire face, I don’t do that because it kinda burns my eyes (I mean, it’s vinegar) but applying with a cotton ball works wonderful and I use it multiple times per week, usually in the evening.

3. Turmeric Spot Treatment

This mask in a stick uses powerful ingredients to help reduce inflammation and most importantly to me, brightens (and gets rid of) dark spots! I specifically use it as spot treatment from healed blemishes that leave behind discoloration. It can be used on its own or under the Chlorophyll Mask, and after just a few uses you’ll notice a visible reduction in darkness, and a renewed brightness to the skin.

4. Resurfacing Sleep Mask

I had never heard of a sleep mask prior to this one, but WOW… I love this. This product is really the all-around holy grail item. I use it at least once a week, if not twice. A plant derived retinol alternative helps to even skin tone, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improve texture, and help with dark spots and discoloration. I’ve never used this mask and not woken up feeling like my skin is entirely renewed. If I had to choose just one item to purchase from Cocokind, this would be it!

5. Golden Elixir

This is an all-around oil that can be used for face, hair, and body… but I wouldn’t really recommend use for more than face. Why? Well, as my husband says, “this stuff makes you smell like pickles!” I can’t say that I totally agree with the pickle smell, but there’s for sure something unique about it (and a uniqueness I’d only be down with having on my face… not my whole body.) If you were doing a hot oil treatment of sorts or a hair mask, then I would use it for hair…. but I’d definitely wash it out before bed. Cocokind has a number of wonderful oils (another great one is the Watermelon Hemp Oil ) but the reason I love this one is that it adds amazing moisture and nourishment to my skin while still fighting any breakouts. It is thick enough to feel rich, but not too heavy to clog pores. I tend to wear this only in the evening or after a face mask as I rarely wear oils during the day, but there’s something about this one that makes my skin feel truly youthful… with a touch of pickles lol.


6. Oil to Milk Cleanser

This cleanser goes on thick and turns to milk when water hits it. I do not use this everyday, but I love to use when my skin feels a bit dry or stripped. This cleanser makes your face feel soft like a baby’s butt… seriously! I’ve also used it after using the Chlorophyll Mask and it feels wonderful. I think it is rare to find a face wash that leaves your skin feeling so nourished that you don’t necessarily need to add additional moisture (even though I always do!) so it is a very lovely and different product than you’d normally find.

7. Sea Moss Exfoliator

This exfoliator comes in powder form and can be added to water and applied to the face. The goal of the product is to remove dead skin cells, help your skin renew, and improve the texture leaving radiant skin. And it does just that! I love how my skin looks after using the exfoliator… ever had your skin look so smooth and tight it almost looks shiny? Like not oily shiny but the skin itself looks shiny? Yeah, that’s what this does. Use it a few times a week and your bound to completely change the texture of your skin as you know it.

8. Rosewater Facial Toner

A natural toner to balance and hydrate your skin. There’s so many rosewater toners on the market, and this one is truly clean… only 2 ingredients, and it shows. I use this product almost every day at some point in the day, because it just is that added oomph you need. Every skin type should use this product on a regular basis!

● ● ●

To give you an idea on pricing, the most expensive thing I listed is only $25… amazing, right?! You won’t regret any of your purchases but at such low price points for quality products, it’s worth the try for sure. I personally always purchase items direct from their website as that’s the easiest for me and offers the most available products, but if you’re ever in Target or another store that carries Cocokind, don’t hesitate to grab a few to try!

I also wanted to point out their Instagram account — @cocokind — because not only do you get product updates, but the San Francisco based company consistently posts informational videos about the best ways to use their products (in what order, for which skin types, etc.) Plus, others often share their own experiences.

Have you ever tried Cocokind? What’s your favorite product or other clean beauty brand?

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