BlackOut Tuesday Re-Cap

I know this post is about a week late, but I wanted to share the posts I created for Instagram on Thursday of last week — just two days post Black Out Tuesday — because I think they’re still relevant and will continue to be in the future…


This post comes from boiled over emotions after a frustrating #blackouttuesday, and a rollercoaster of feelings over the past week. 🤯
If you’ve chosen to learn from & educate yourself about Black people, thank-you. We need people like you if change should happen. 🙏🏽
POC cannot topple the system put in place to hold them down… at least not by ourselves. Stand with us. ✊🏼
For those saying the #blacklivesmatter movement was created by rich White people to create chaos in our nation and therefore force Americans’ hands in the next election… so be it. Whether that information is true or false, Black Lives DO Matter and the latest death of George Floyd only further demonstrates the need for the movement. 🙌🏽
Lastly, for those saying that black people don’t want the world to see color but here we are saying “black lives matter,” know that you’re wrong. We want to be seen for who we are; our rich heritage, our varied skin tones, our tragic history, and more importantly, how proud we are. But we want — need — to be treated equally, not lesser than simply because of who we are. Until black lives DO matter, we will continue repeating ourselves. & hopefully, one day, the many diverse cultures and peoples of this nation will all be treated equally and celebrated for their uniqueness.
#standtogether 🖤
P. S. While I’m specifically commenting on Blackout Tuesday as a day to learn about BLACK people, do not misunderstand, I’m fully aware that all POC are struggling for equality which should be a basic human right. 💯

● ● ●

Additionally, my best friend Kristin is a Black blogger (and posts way more frequently than I do about all kinds of things, so follow, and I’d love for you to check-out her post and perspective regarding the state of the world, the #BLM movement, and a call to action to not just be “not racist” but to be “anti-racism”… click the link below:

Thought of the Week: Neutrality is Not Good Enough

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