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I’ve been taking collagen for years and I’ve tried many different brands, but the latest is my absolute FAVORITE and at last I can quit searching for the next best (as all past products left a little something to be desired!) This collagen — and this brand — is so good that I actually decided to become an advocate for the company… Enter: Hugh & Grace Pure Marine Collagen Peptides.

I started taking Pure Marine Collagen Peptides on November 15, 2022 as part of a 30-Day Challenge… and I’m impressed. While I will say that I’ve always found with collagen — and most supplements to be honest — that you don’t notice all the positive changes until you stop taking it (and start suffering again haha!), I’m not willing to stop so I’ll just have to share the things I have noticed with Hugh & Grace’s Collagen as compared to others.

Things I’ve noticed in comparison to other brands:

  • Because of the pure composition of Pure Marine Collagen, you only need to use 1 teaspoon as compared to other brand’s much larger scoops; I should also mention that one bag says it is 28 servings, but I’m still using the same bag I started in November and I haven’t missed a single day so… I’d say it lasts longer than 28 days
  • Many brands mention that their collagen is “flavorless” and “odorless” (which is WAY far from accurate) and while I can’t say this one is entirely odorless, it is substantially less odorless than others I’ve tried and the flavor is is nearly flavorless… I can mix it into water and drink it — seriously, it that close to flavorless — but I prefer to add to my morning tea and outside of making my tea water look a bit cloudy, I don’t notice any taste difference
  • You don’t have to mix and mix and mix for the powder to dissolve… I actually don’t mix at all, I just pour hot water on top and it dissolves right away on it’s own!
  • Some brands have given me headaches, and I’ve never experienced that with this one… and I’ve actually had less headaches in general since taking it (although, that is probably better attributed to my regular chiropractic care and new pillows, but still worth a mention)
  • I feel like I have more energy when taking this in the morning with my green tea

But most importantly (to me)…. list continued…

  • My nails have grown insanely fast
  • My body feels less aches and pains (anyone who knows my history with some pretty major accidents knows I have reason to be in some regular pain/discomfort, plus toting around a toddler…)
  • My under eye dark circles are far less noticeable these days… I don’t wear much makeup (or any most days) but when I do I don’t necessarily have to wear concealer anymore
  • My skin is more supple… this one sounds weird but there’s more bounce to it… almost like an internal hydration
  • The best one, my hairline (and just overall head of hair) is thickening! Not the individual strands but more hair is filling in which is SO appreciated after postpartum hair loss; my eyebrows have also become so much thicker in a really good way… the areas that were sparse no longer are!

This is my experience with Pure Marine Collagen Peptides, but that’s not an exhaustive list by any means of the positive benefits others see as well. And while the point isn’t to put down other brands, I would be remiss to not acknowledge the big differences I’ve seen in comparison. Included are some additional infographics for your viewing pleasure from my team at Hugh & Grace.

From a health stand point, taking collagen to replace what our body is losing on the regular as we age is a necessity for a variety of reasons, but from a vanity standpoint, who doesn’t want thicker hair, more even skin, etc.?? Listen, my hair growth was so noticeable on my hairline at my appointment on Sunday that my hair dresser even purchased the collagen to add to her current wellness routine (thank you, Danielle!)… that’s saying something! I literally forgot what my old hairline was until recently… it’s wild. ALSO, you really should take before and after pictures for comparison and while I actually did do that, in one of my late night sessions of clearing out my pictures folder (I’m up at odd hours with a nursing child), I must have forgotten why I took such close up pictures in really bright natural light… so, unfortunately — and fortunately — they’re no longer on my camera roll… 

I got started with Hugh & Grace because I wanted to try a new, better collagen, but I decided to become an advocate for the company because their collagen works and doesn’t taste disgusting (duh!), but also because of their mission to provide products that are cleaner and healthier than any others you can find on the market… and that’s pretty damn cool if you ask me! To try the Pure Marine Collagen Peptides — or any other Hugh & Grace product — simply check out my Hugh & Grace website and shop with me (or become an Advocate and start helping others find intentional products that work for them!)

Photos courtesy of Hugh & Grace and my team, HG Driven.

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