20 Pregnancy & Labor Affirmations to change your mindset

Most of my daily affirmations were done sitting on this very couch. 🙂

While I’m not pregnant anymore, when I was, I practiced meditation, breath-work, energy healing, plus daily gratitude and — you guessed it — pregnancy and labor specific affirmations. For most people who know me and spoke to me on the regular, they’ll tell you that I was my most calm, positive, and zen self while pregnant… and that was in 2020 (the year that shall not be mentioned!) To be able to maintain my chill vibe while pregnant and during such a wildly uneasy time in the world is a true feat (if I do say so myself…) and something I contribute largely to my daily practices. I read my affirmations EVERYDAY to include during my extra long labor and delivery, and I thought I’d share in case you too could use the words to reaffirm your Mama strength during a beautiful — though sometimes incredibly challenging — and life-changing time!

One of my biggest reasons for creating a list of affirmations — by way of getting inspiration from others of course… it was my first pregnancy after all! — and reading them regularly, was because I had some anxiety about my pregnancy resulting in the natural birth of a healthy baby… so I decided to change my mind’s narrative. And guess what? It worked! Even when I switched to a home birth, I had no doubt that I could do it. Fun fact: I was SO confident in my baby and my body’s abilities that I never even packed a “just in case” hospital bag… because I KNEW in my soul that we could do it. I also implore you to not just read the affirmations that speak to you, but stop and think about each of them — which can be hard to do when you’re rereading the same things over and over — because you need to FEEL that each affirmation is true in order to train your mind.

While I’m breaking up the affirmations for Pregnancy and then for Labor & Delivery, I think it might be useful to know that I said all of these affirmations (and just slightly changed how I started the Labor & Delivery ones) throughout my entire pregnancy and it helped me go into the birthing process feeling like I had already affirmed with myself — and the universe — that “I got this” mentality!

Pregnancy Affirmations
  • My body is accepting my baby, and my pregnancy will end in the safe delivery of a healthy baby.
  • I was divinely chosen to be the mother of this beautiful baby.
  • I am grateful for this pregnancy and my introduction into motherhood; even on difficult days I choose joy.
  • My body was designed to nourish and protect my baby as he grows in my belly.
  • I protect our energy by allowing only positive thoughts and words about pregnancy and childbirth.
  • My life will soon be better because my baby will be Earth-side.
  • I love and accept my radiant body as it changes and grows to accomodate my baby.
  • My baby senses my love and our bond grows stronger every day.
  • I release the discomfort of pregnancy, I let go of the worry and the fear of birth, and I am focused on the joy of meeting my child.
  • I am bringing a perfectly healthy, whole, and strong child into this world.
  • My baby is developing normally and will be born healthy, whole, safe, and at the perfect time.
  • I educate myself, listen to my heart, and speak up for myself and my baby because I intuitively know what my baby needs. I express what we need and say “no” when I’m uncomfortable.
  • I’m proud of myself for carrying and nurturing my baby, and bringing new life into my family’s world.
Labor & Delivery Affirmations
  • This is the right time for my baby to come into this world and bless our family.
  • I trust my body knows how to safely guide my baby out of the womb and into my arms.
  • I deeply trust my instincts and my body, and I trust I am capable of safely delivering my baby.
  • My baby knows how and when to be born, and I patiently await his arrival.
  • I am remaining alert, in tune, and aware of my needs and I intuitively know the needs of my baby.
  • I am ready and prepared for a safe, beautiful, and effortless birthing experience.
  • I believe in my natural ability to give birth easily, peacefully, and in comfort.

So there you have it. Most of these aren’t entirely original thoughts… they’re adaptations of other people’s words (and in a few cases they were exactly copied!) that resonated with me, and I hope you too use some or all of them to help get you through your pregnancy and birthing process with the BEST mindset. Good vibes, balance, a calm mind, working with your baby, and listening to your body… plus all the other positive “things” are what I wish for you, mama! You got this Super Woman!

P.S. I still have my handwritten affirmation cards from my labor process and I put them in my son’s memory book… maybe he will think that’s cool one day, and maybe he will toss them! Either way, it warms my heart when I come across the cards because I remember the strength and power we demonstrated together throughout the whole pregnancy and childbearing process. And THAT is pretty amazing. 🙂

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