If you celebrate Easter, you need this gift (next year of course)!

This is a screenshot of the Live photo I took of E whacking his egg for the 3rd time and it exploded perfectly.

I realize this post is late for Easter 2023, but this year I found an amazing new Easter gift/tradition for Enzo that I think anyone who lives within 30 miles of Port Orchard, WA should consider next year… and I had to share! An artist/crafter makes, what he calls, “The Giant Eggs,” and they’re at least twice the size of a child’s head and bigger than an adult head too. They really are giant!

In Port Orchard, locals look forward to his creations every year and outside of a Facebook page where he updates sale hours, he simply advertises his Giant Eggs with hand painted signs outside of his property that read just that, “Giant Eggs.”

As it was my first time in his workshop, he told me how a guy stopped in recently and was perturbed to find out he wasn’t selling ostrich eggs, but the artist joyfully said, “hey, the sign brought him in, didn’t it?” He’s a very kind and funny guy!

The eggs are created out of a chalk like substances that makes them very similar in consistency to chicken eggs… just on a much larger scale. They come pre-filled or you can pick the items yourself to go inside (there’s a HUGE selection of items to choose from.) They are all each slightly different in shape, size, and color, and each filled egg is accompanied by a printed photo of what’s inside. No one who knows me would be shocked to find out that a picked a very neutral light gray egg for E that also stood very straight. Haha. People are also able to bring their own special items to fill the egg as long as the items can fit inside a 4″ hole. They are then sealed up and attached to a plastic stand that keeps the egg sitting upright. Additionally, the gentleman who sells the Giant Eggs truly is an artist and for $10 more you can get eggs with pictures painted on the front.

This photo was taken from The Giant Eggs’ Facebook page.

So why are they so cool? Well, outside of being huge and filled with goodies, you have to give them a good whack or two for it to break open. They crack open just like you would expect an overly large egg to crack, and kids — and adults alike — love the fun gift.

I will absolutely share this post again next year as we get closer for those who are interested, but for now, I had to share some pictures of Enzo’s Giant Egg. It was worth every penny of the $30 I spent and was the perfect end to E’s Easter egg hunt! I’m sure E’s Giant Egg will start to become a tradition he anxiously awaits every year.

P.S. I didn’t catch the name of The Giant Eggs’ creator, but if you’re on Facebook, his URL is www.facebook.com/1GiantEgg and his phone number is 360-551-7005.

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