Mommy (or Daddy) & Me Coloring Books

If you’ve read previous posts, you may know that I give Baby E a basket on the first of the month with a theme — whatever the holiday(s) are in that month — and this month’s theme was Mother’s Day. One item that I purchased off Amazon that arrived in a few days (and that I’m absolutely loving) is our Mommy & Me Little Monsters coloring book.

For only $7.99 — a total steal — you pick book topics such as monsters, under the sea, zoo time, giant dinosaurs, farm animals, toys, and more. There’s also a lot of different “____ and me” choices; obviously I was specifically looking for Mommy and Me but there’s a ton of options such as daddy, grandpa, gigi, nana, my brother, etc. (I also got a Daddy and Me coloring book for June’s basket.)

Outside of the great price, the pictures vary in intricacy but they’re definitely meant for toddlers (or parents who are perfectionists and don’t want too many details to deal with… hi, I’m parents); the paper is of a heavier weight so even though E likes to jam markers into it, they don’t bleed through; each picture is duplicated and flipped so that you both can be coloring your own picture but not having to sit next to each other; and each picture is blank on the back so you can pull them out and hang should you desire. I have not pulled any pictures out because I’m dating each one we complete and plan to keep it to look back on one day.

Click here for your Mommy and Me Little Monsters coloring book! But, if you’re looking for other name and theme options, simply scroll to the “customers who viewed this item also viewed” section and you’ll see tons of books by the same company!

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