For the mama who never knew she would be sad to stop nursing: Breastmilk jewelry

I actually will wear my ring on my right hand, but I busted a nail so… for pictures I used my left haha. & YES I need to paint my nails.

I intended to look up my order a few days ago and got distracted by Enzo… but, instead I got the best surprise package two days ago! (Only a surprise because I failed to track the progress of my order which is made perfectly easy on the website.) My breastmilk ring by Honoring Motherhood has arrived and I’m over the moon excited. By the way, if you read this post about my breastfeeding journey coming to an end, I mentioned that I had something in the works to commemorate this time… and here it is! 

First of all, the little box was wrapped with a pretty bow and a cute hand-written note. Second of all, my solid gold ring was put on a beautiful card that notates when the piece was created and who it is in honor of. Third of all, she — Smay — included an extra little breast milk heart which I will cherish forever. And fourth of all, I’M FREAKIN’ DYING AT HOW PERFECT MY RING IS. The stamp on the back is amazing… the details!!!!

Honoring Motherhood — @honoringmotherhood on Instagram, which is how I found her — creates the most beautiful keepsake breastmilk jewelry (plus some other cool things) and while I’m still nursing before nap and before bed, these moments are so fleeting yet I feel properly prepared for when they do come to a screeching halt, because I’ll have this memento forever.

I feel like all that’s left to do is to show you pictures of my ring and suggest that you follow/check her out, look at the millions of absolutely STUNNING pieces she’s created, see what resonates with you, and place an order if you feel pulled to do so. You get to design the “stone” which makes it entirely unique to you and what you think best represents your journey… for me, keeping it simple but with a little shimmer to represent the magic of it all, felt just right. I never thought I would need something to commemorate this chapter of motherhood, and now I can’t imagine moving forward without honoring the special bond, the hours, Enzo’s exclusive breastmilk diet for 6+ months, the sleepless nights, the fact that we are still nursing at 2.5 years old, and so on. Also, a solid gold ring is literally something to be passed down in my family… How cool is that?

P.S. I have $85 left on my Honoring Motherhood gift card (the only thing I asked for for my 33rd birthday and my Auntie Krista got it for me) and I cannot wait to get started on my next piece when the time feels right! Lucky me!

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