A tried and true workout program for busy toddler moms

Being a mom, it can be incredibly difficult to make time for yourself and to get a workout in. That’s why I do at-home workouts with Beach Body/BODi that I can fit in whenever it works with my busy schedule. That being said, I had to share a program that I am IN LOVE with — I’m literally doing it for the 5th or 6th time right now — called 4 Weeks for Every Body.

This is a 4 week program (duh haha), 30 minutes per day, all you need is dumbbells and a core ball (I actually have not consistently used a core ball but it would be good to have and use regularly), full-body, and the 30 minutes includes both a warm up and a cool down. What I absolutely love about this program is the fact that these are great challenging workouts and I can see and feel my strength gains, but it is NO IMPACT.

Here’s why I specifically think toddler moms — especially boy moms — should consider this program… I had no idea how much my body absolutely craved a regular workout schedule and lifting weights, but also needed to drop the impact piece. That’s the key, NO IMPACT. My theory is that my toddler is so incredibly big AND so rough and tumble, that high impact workouts just felt like too much. Even though I could do high impact workouts, I didn’t ENJOY it because my daily life is high impact with Baby E. Whether it’s because I’m having to help him into his car seat, he’s “playing” with me but really bulldozing me over, he’s running into me, whatever it is… my day is so high impact that I simply could not enjoy any other workout programs that felt at all similar.

If you’ve found your soulmate workout — that is, a workout program you actually want to do everyday or will always come back to — already, maybe just give this a try for shits and giggles. But if you haven’t, definitely give this a try. I’m literally excited to do my workouts everyday and I know how good I feel afterwards every single time.

You might also be wondering how I’m doing the same workout program over and over but getting something out of it? Well, I keep having to buy heavier and heavier weights! And I love that. Each workout is different over the course of the 4 weeks so you’re never bored, and as you get stronger you’re able to maximize the workouts differently than you could before. There’s really no end to how many times you could do the program.

Another plus to this particular program is the dynamic of the trainer (Autumn Calabrese) and the rest of the gang, but the incredibly insightful things Autumn has to say throughout the workouts that honestly sound like inspirational quotes that could be applied to SO many areas of life… but not in a cheesy way!

Ready to buy? Here’s something really awesome, in buying this program you are getting the entire BODi online library of 100+ fitness programs, thousands of workouts, recipes, eating plans, and the app that enables doing workouts from your phone as well as tracking your food, water, and weight (amongst other things). It’s pretty dang cool!

For your link to a BODi one year membership (that’s what I purchase), click here.

P.S. If you do decide to purchase and get started on your mama fitness journey (or even just add this to your rotation), let me know!

Photos in this post are screenshots from the BODi app.

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