Review: Osmo Little Genius Learning Game

Here he was playing the ABCs game. All of those pieces and the little yellow box with a lid came with the game.

For Baby E’s 3rd birthday I finally decided it was time to get the Osmo Little Genius Hands-On Learning Game (something I had saved in my Amazon cart for quite some time.) Now that we have used it, waiting until 3 feels like the perfect age.

What is Osmo?

Osmo comes with 4 learning games and your little one is able to use hand-held pieces (which are included with the system) to interact with the game on the screen (either an iPhone/iPad or Fire Tablet.) According to Osmo, “the 4 educational games in the kit will help your child recognize letters and learn phonics (ABCs), develop pre-drawing skills (Squiggle Magic), identify social-emotional cues, and experiment with clothes and colors (Costume Party), and develop problem-solving skills (Stories).” 

What does my 3 year old think?

So far, E (who just turned 3 this month) has only used/been interested in 2 of the games (ABCs and Costume Party). He enjoys the Costume Party game the most because it’s easier for him to follow the directions, seems a bit more fun (I mean it is literally a game about silly outfits), and after each costume is selected there’s a dance party. The ABCs game requires following directions in greater detail and copying what is seen on the screen. I’ve sometimes noticed E getting frustrated because the image you’re supposed to be copying and recreating is standing straight up on the iPad but he has to make it on the flat surface so it’s not an exact side by side copy. That being said, if I’m able to standby in case he gets stuck or get him started by putting a first piece down, he usually can get going.

What do I think as a parent?

An example of the Costume Party photos that are all over my iCloud photos.

The games say they’re best for preschoolers ages 3-5. I can definitely see this still being a fun system for him even when he’s a couple years older. Currently, he needs a little more help than I initially thought he would need but as he gets older I know he will be able to play the games better on his own.

The cost is $79.99 but I got E’s on sale and even now it’s 25% off, so I think it is pretty easy to find it at a discounted price. For the ease of set-up, the 4 games included, and the fact that E gets to use his iPad but in a more educational way than watching shows… I think it’s a total win.

There’s also a parent app that let’s you know what games your kid(s) did — you can set up multiple profiles — and what they accomplished which is really nice. Plus, at least for the Costume Party game, I get pictures actually saved to my iCloud of each costume created which is kind of fun (and E thinks is hilarious when I show them to him.)

Would I buy it again?

Absolutely! So far, it has been really great. I’ve noticed a few little glitches during the costume game but nothing major and I genuinely believe that E is learning when he uses it. The more he uses it (and the older he gets) the easier it will be for him to follow all of the directions and play the games without any additional guidance. I think the price is right (especially if you can find it at a discount), and the set-up and operation of it couldn’t be easier. The only thing I don’t like is that each game is a separate app and I wish all the free games were just in one app, but that’s hardly a deal breaker. You also can buy additional add on games and hand-held pieces which probably means it could be used beyond preschool age. 🙂

To buy the Osmo Starter Kit for your little one, click here.

P.S. This is not an affiliate link. I make no money from your purchase. 

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