Teacher Gifts for the Holidays

A lot of the disposable coffee cups also come with cute sleeves so I looked for designs that included one as well. 🙂

While Halloween is behind us, there’s still a few more — well depending where you live, quite a few more — holidays that land in the colder months. I am obsessed with what I came up with for Baby E’s teachers (and some family too!) for a Halloween goodie, and wanted to share.

I originally thought of this idea because I figured a lot of his teachers were probably going to be out trick-or-treating so having a Halloween cup to bring along is cute, but even if they’re staying inside, who doesn’t love something festive?! I purchased a 12-pack of Halloween disposable coffee cups from HomeGoods (I picked a design that includes cats because although that’s not my animal of choice, E absolutely loves them and the gift was from him after all…), then candy bars and individually wrapped candy from Costco, along with Starbucks Via Instant Coffee packets (they’re nice because all you have to do is add water) and voila!

I delivered the teachers’ Halloween cups in disposable drink trays that I grabbed from Starbucks one day, and they were so excited… still raving about it actually.

In the future I might mix it up and put tea sachets or hot cocoa packets, but always include a hot beverage and some candy and you’re SURE to get some smiles. Next time I might include a little gift tag (although E’s school is small enough that they knew who it was from) and maybe some crinkle paper at the bottom but remember, the point is for them to use the cups to drink out of so don’t add anything that might be too messy (ie. sparkles.)

I’m thinking this is going to be our go-to gift for all holidays… our signature if you will. BUT, feel free to steal the idea. It’s relatively inexpensive but SO very cute.

If you take my suggestion for your kids’ teachers this holiday season, please tag me on Instagram @anjelicaatebar so I can see how they turned out!

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