Last minute gift idea for your kid’s class

… Or for family and friends! 

Enzo painted wooden ornaments ALL BY HIMSELF for each kid in his class. Then, I wrote his school’s name and the school year, plus a little note that said, “Painted with love by Enzo <3” on the back (he just painted the back one color). On the front, I used glossy puff paint to write each child’s name (and his teacher too), and they’ll be put in little Christmas treat bags with some candy and sent home on the last day of classes.

Here’s what I love about something like this gift: it was inexpensive (the bag of plain wooden ornaments that I purchased last year had like 30 of them and can be found in craft stores, on Amazon, Target, even hardware stores tend to have them), he felt pride in having painted them all by himself, he chose who each one was for (and boy was he specific and decisive), if the parent’s are sentimental they will likely keep this treasure for their kid as a reminder of preschool, and it’s just a sweet and thoughtful craft that shows him how special it is to take the time to create something and surprise his friends.

If you were considering a simple gift for your kid’s classmates or you want to add a little something extra to each family member’s gift, these are so meaningful. Plus, I’m adding healthier candy to the goody bags by YumEarth so I feel good about what I’m giving to each of the little one’s in E’s class! 🙂

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