A wish for you on this New Year’s Eve

Peace out, 2023. I’m so ready for a new year!

As we wrap up the year today, I implore you to think deep and hard about the blessings, the beauty, and the wins, while also acknowledging that with which you will let go of in 2023 as the new door of 2024 swings open.

They say water is not only healing but some even say it hears you. For this reason, in a midday shower today, letting the water run from head to toes, I asked the water to wash away so much… fear and anxiousness around the future, questions and what-ifs about the past, limiting beliefs, and the notion that anything could be different than it is. I asked the water to wash away any energy that no longer serves me down the drain as I step into the beautiful, new, joyous year ahead.

I then went over many of the things I am manifesting and praying on in 2024. That or something greater of course.

I’m not big on resolutions but on this day 12/31/23 (which is also an Angel Number 123123 that will not happen again in our lifetimes), I hope you will take a minute — or many in a single sitting or like me, over the course of the day — to intentionally decide what you will energetically leave in this year, what you will take next year, and what you will make room for in all the coming years.

Sending so much love, healing, growth, joy, and soul-fulfilling energy to you and yours.

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