Skincare products didn’t work like you hoped? Try this…

A basket of “reuse” items by my bathtub so I can see what I have AND this way they’re not mixed up with products that will be used for their intended purposes.

If you’re skincare obsessed — and I’m talking for the face — like me, you’ve likely tried TONS of various skincare products but alas, every item isn’t a fit. Sometimes your facial skin is too sensitive; sometimes a product has to be used in conjunction with others in a way that doesn’t naturally fit into your normal routine so while good, it never gets used; sometimes you find a product is too heavy and causes breakouts while others might be great until… they’re not and you’ve found a better replacement. Whatever the reason  that you have partially used skincare items lying around — and let’s be honest, the idea of simply getting rid of perfectly good (and often expensive) skincare seems CRIMINAL — I have a solution for you that I’ve been implementing in my own home: REUSE.

I’ve been using face oils, moisturizers, serums, lip balms, and even toners on other parts of my body, and I’m only mad I didn’t think of this sooner. My dryer spots (knees, elbows, hands, and feet) are absolutely LOVING the extra hydration and quality ingredients found in products originally purchased for my face, and I’m loving that I’m actually using items instead of letting them sit and collect dust. Not to mention, skincare products do expire so this way, if I know I likely won’t be using something on my face anymore, I don’t run the risk of wasting it entirely by letting it sit around for too long. Additionally, I can’t be the only person who’s always been more than willing to spend on products for my face but have often bought Costco sized jugs of unscented body lotion and called it good… but now my body gets pampered too!

So next time you decide that new skin oil or moisturizer — or literally anything else — just isn’t quite doing it for your face, try it on your body instead and see if that application makes it worth keeping! And hey, if it doesn’t soften your knees like you thought it would, it really might be time to donate to a local charity that accepts partially used toiletries (often times women’s shelters will take those items if they’re more than 1/2 full), check with friends or family who might be interested, or **gasp** toss it in the garbage so it’s not unnecessarily cluttering up your space.

P.S. If you come across partially used perfumes that you still enjoy the smell of but for whatever reason would not wear anymore, repurpose those as well! Whenever you clean your sinks, spritz one spray right on/around the drain. Each time the water hits it your bathroom will smell pretty and you’ll find the fragrance lasts as well! I even use perfume samples I’ve received — and enjoyed — for the very same purpose.

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