Find balance by adding creativity

I’ve been MIA since New Year’s Eve (on my blog anyway.) Why? Well, because I believe in balance. At the end of 2022 I committed to myself that I would post at least one blog post per week in 2023. I accomplished that and actually loved every second of it. That being said, I don’t have the same goal for…


Sugar Cookie Bars: A holiday necessity

These bars were not created by me but they are officially a favorite on rotation for holidays… and I had to share. The first time I made this recipe was for Valentine’s Day because Baby E and I like to make desserts for my family and put them in cute little holiday boxes and then drive around delivering them. They…


When baby is born, check on mama

A baby being born is SO exciting for everyone who loves and supports the family, and often, people are so thrilled to see the little bundle that they forget that there’s a new woman who was born that very same day. Having a child is transformative and although I’ve only done it once, I imagine there’s a transformation that happens…


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