“Pumpkin Patching”… is that a verb?

So, I’ve always loved Fall (favorite season for sure) but this time it is a little different… I’m living in Northern California and Fall is not what I’ve been accustomed to in the last 5 years… why? Because it is so much warmer than Washington state where I used to live! Let me rewind… I grew up in Washington and…


Happy Halloween!!!

I just want to take a moment to thank Snapchat for allowing me to pretend like I dressed up (with minimal effort) as something else this Halloween, when in reality I took a series of filtered pictures of myself while waiting for my boyfriend to get ready for a wedding this past Friday.  Also, heyyyyy friends! I just realized this…


Food Tip: the best way to store SOUP

I love Soup Season which runs Fall through Winter in our house.  Last week I shared my Vegetable Soup recipe, but what I didn’t say is how I actually store the soup.  There’s a mason jar craze that is a little odd if you ask me (even if they are cute) but in this case they’re actually super practical. I…


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