My 5 Drugstore Skincare Favorites

We are finally on the last post of my skincare series. I hope you’ve found all of the information useful! The products I’m discussing today can be found at just about any drugstore, but also at super markets, grocery stores, department stores, etc. I should probably mention that I linked them all from Target because that’s probably the most widely…


1 Great Company, 5 Clean Skincare Products

Continuing my skincare series, I have to highlight a particular brand (rather than a type of store to purchase skincare)… which can be purchased directly online, or in stores like Target, Ulta, and Whole Foods. Cocokind is a wonderful company focused on, “clean, conscious, and accessible beauty for all.” The ingredients are safe, and the product packaging — while beautiful…


Try these steps to grow your hair

Over the last year or so my hair has REALLY grown, and while I’m in no way an expert on the topic, I thought I’d share what seems to have worked for me. Try one or all of my tips, and hopefully you’ll see an improvement in your hair growth — and strength — as well! First let me say,…


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