No fuss prep for one of my seasonal favorites: Artichokes

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, eating artichokes brings up a feeling of nostalgia. When I was little, I remember my cousins and I LOVING when my grandma would make artichokes. Of course, at the time I didn’t realize it was literally the easiest vegetable to prepare — and oddly is the most time consuming one to…


Pinterest Nail Inspo: Star Bright Nail Art

The “Pinterest Nails” craze totally changed the nail game… and it is SO fun to see the cool — and often intricate — creations people come up with. That being said, I’m kind of a purest… I like simple nails: either really light or really dark, maybe sparkles but I’m oddly specific, matte is great, nothing bright, and I’m very…


Jumpsuits that won’t break the bank

I’ve always been a fan of jumpsuits… even when they weren’t exactly in style haha. Maybe I’m just psychic and know what trends will come back?! I still have a handful in my closet, but love how popular they’re becoming and therefore there’s LOTS of options in stores. Below are my favorite jumpsuit picks at Nordstrom right now. The best part? They’re…


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