Bobbi Brown kills the face oil game

Okay you guys, I remember when I first heard about face oil I was SO confused why on earth I would ever use such a product?! Here’s the thing… I have truly combination skin.  I have really oily skin (especially in my T zone) but also get very dry skin if I don’t moisturize regularly.  For real, palm to face.…


The vegan dessert you won’t feel guilty eating everyday

As I’ve mentioned in a few posts, I’m really focused on healthy plant-based eating… which has meant finding a new way to satisfy my sweet tooth without having to feel too guilty. Drumroll please…. I’m absolutely in love with Delreal’s Organic Medjool Dates!!!! They’re a product out of Salinas, CA and they shit on (pardon my French…) all other dates…


March’s Book Club Choice: ‘You are a Badass’

So I’m continuing my New Year’s Resolution to read at least one book per month, and of course doing that through a monthly book club!  I hope you all are picking up some good reads this year and following along with me as well! A quick recap on last month’s book and our takeaways: ‘The Five Love Languages’ is fantastic.…


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