My favorite — free — baby tracking app

I downloaded the app “Newborn Tracker – My Baby” from the App Store, right before Enzo was born, and I’m so glad I did. The app makes it incredibly easy to track your baby’s physical milestones and growth rate, as well as custom events, health, sleep, baths, diapers, moods, foods, etc. If you’ve been following me for a while you…


Hand-me-downs for kids: a love language

This post is really a thank-you note/love letter to two specific mom friends who did it before me, and have been gifting me their hand-me-downs ever since. Before Baby E was born, my friend Nikki (who I used to nanny for), offered me a ton of baby items — think toys, baby gates, play mats, a bassinet, etc. — and…


Favorite slippers for littles

If you have a little one — or simply know someone with a small child — these Lisdwde slippers are the best! I got these for Enzo right before starting potty training, and they’ve therefore had more pee on/in them than either of us would like to admit. But, what’s really great about them is that they wash like a…


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