Don’t try holiday grocery shopping without this item…

Once again, it’s time for holiday meal prep!  If you’re like me and like to plan out your holiday meals down to the very last snack, you may find a new notepad quite useful.  I use one from World Market titled “All Out Of” and it has most items you could need at the store, and room to add more.  It comes with a magnet on the back, so we leave it on the refrigerator and update as needed.  Of course, when I’m meal planning for special occasions, I sit down with all of my recipes and check off everything I need! It is amazingly helpful and something even more wonderful is that it is broken up by categories (think Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, etc.) and that’s how stores are set up (obviously) so it keeps the grocery store trips organized!

Tip: if you have time to head into your local World Market, I also use a “Weekly Meal Plan” notepad that I fill out prior to double checking the “All Out Of” list and it is very useful (and great to share with the rest of the household so they know what’s up next!) but I can’t seem to find it on their website 🙁 Check in-store!

In case you missed it, the “All Out Of” notepad is linked here.

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