You’re hosting Christmas but forgot the floral decor… now what?!

I hate to keep saying the word “easy” in every post… but that really is a goal of mine! I want decor to be beautiful and festive and maybe even look like I worked really hard (even if I didn’t) but just because I want it to look that way doesn’t mean it can’t be easy.

So you’re having people over on Christmas but you need that added floral element? Do you try and find a florist this late in the game? Do you head into the woods?  What to do last minute?!

Turns out, all you need is some berries in a Mason jar… ya’ll know I love Mason jars! You can find ilex (also known as holm oak or holly) in grocery stores… and at this time of year you can find them everywhere.  They are winter berries that last for a couple of weeks in water looking super plump, but after that they’re still gorgeous when they start looking a little more dry.  At Safeway (my main grocery store… and actually I’m a firm believer that Safeway’s have AMAZING floral departments) you can get 2 full sprigs for $7.99 (and one “bouquet” only requires 2 sprigs). Pretty cheap right?  Because I like simplicity I don’t see a need to add anything else into my arrangement of berries (can it really be an arrangement if all you have to do is put the sticks in water??), but I love them!  So don’t fret, grab some berry sprigs when you pick up those last minute ingredients at the grocery store… and I’m sure your guests will comment on the beautiful festive florals!

Tip: holly makes perfect dinner table arrangements because they’ll add a festive element AND they’re on sprigs so you can see through the sticks to the people across from you (unlike centerpieces that are too full!)  

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