Silver wingtips, rose gold slides, and MORE! (DSW has you covered)

I’ve recently rediscovered a place I used to love… and now ADORE once again.  DSW is the “Designer Shoe Warehouse” and the savings you see by shopping there (even without sales) is amazing.  Don’t even get me started on the sales rack savings… unreal.

I’ve been really into slides and loafers as of late, and so I was looking on my go-to store’s site, and I put a bunch of shoes in my basket but wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger. It is really surprising I didn’t buy everything in my shopping cart because I’m an impulsive online shopper… but some days I’m more frugal than others I guess **hair flip**!  And then, I received a coupon in the mail for $20 off from DSW.  SO seeing as I have one nearby I decided to stop by and I’m SO glad I did.  The store as a whole is TOTALLY underrated!  The EXACT same shoes that I saw on my go-to store’s site were at least $20 off and they weren’t even on sale… that’s just how they price their items.

To be honest, I’m not really sure how they charge so much less… perhaps it is because all of the shoes are out on the floor and while in my experience they keep it quite clean and organized, it definitely isn’t the same experience as you might find going to Nordstrom or Macy’s or something like that where a sales associate is bringing you your size. However, I don’t mind at all. Like I said, the store by me is very clean and they keep the shoes organized by size.

Anyway, below is my absolute FAVORITE pair of shoes I purchased (I love them so much that I took a million photos of them at the Museum of Ice Cream and they’re also in the first pic of the post… just because they look THAT cool…)

Derby Wedge Wingtip Oxford by Charles David:

I’ve been looking for the right pair of silver shoes for over a year… seriously… and finally found them (no these aren’t exactly slides or loafers… BUT who cares?!)  They’re priced at $89.99, compared to $239.99. THAT IS INSANE! Item name linked.

I also purchased the rose gold beauties featured below and they’re built SO well and they’re very comfortable plus they add a beautiful pop of color to all the neutrals I wear.

Grace Mule by Charles David:

Their price is $79.99 compared at $199.00. Again, that’s not a sale price. Item name linked.

I guess I was really loving Charles David shoes that day… haha.  Really guys, if you’ve never purchased this brand, it is very well made.

And then below I listed a few items that I didn’t purchase but loved.. you may just want to check them out! All item names are linked.

Libli Velvet Loafer by Unisa ($49.99):

Harlan Mule by Steve Madden ($79.98):

Charly Mule by Journee Collection ($44.99):

Abree Loafer by Marc Fisher ($59.99):

Cypress Loafer by Franco Sarto ($69.99):

Side-note: I mentioned a $20 coupon I received in the mail… that’s because I’m part of their rewards program. Definitely join because they regularly send coupons in the mail or via email.

Anyway, stop by a DSW near you or head to to purchase online!  If you’re also in love with this store, let me know! How much have you saved at DSW?! Comment below!

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