My secret to flawless skin…

I’ve been waiting to share one of my biggest skincare secrets, and today is the day!  I want to start by telling you about my old skincare routine and what I was “dealing” with, and then I’ll get into the products I now use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

When I was younger I had really bad acne so my dermatologist put me on acne medication.  After a while my skin got better and seemed to pretty much stabilize.  I would get “break-outs” here and there (I put it in quotes because people who truly get break-outs would want to punch me in the face for my usage of the word), but I never had deep pimples or anything like that.  By the way, for me a “break-out” was a few little bumps that were nearly invisible to the naked eye (besides mine because I have an odd obsession with looking at my pores), and on extremely rare occasions (think 3 to 4 times per year) I might get one pimple that really stuck out and I’d be SUPER dramatic and want to stay inside until it was gone.   

As I got older I became more and more interested in makeup and I actually became someone that people would go to if they were in need of a new foundation, bronzer, highlighter, or whatever else.  But with my increased interest in makeup, came my even bigger interest in skincare.  I became the person who would try all types of skincare products, who would do face masks up to 4 times per week, who had 5 skincare steps before even getting to the makeup portion, etc.  And I loved it. My skin never looked better, my makeup went on that much easier, and I became very aware of different types of products for different skin types.

Enter Rodan + Fields.  To be honest, I was interested in trying this product because I’m interested in all skincare products… not because I thought I had any problems I was trying to fix… people were always commenting on how flawless my skin was.  Turns out, my skin had SO much room to improve and I had no idea until using Rodan + Fields.  That being said, people who do have major skin concerns have seen amazing results using their products and you can view them on their website (or just try the products and see for yourself.)

I could be wrong on the dates, but I believe it was about 4 months back when I first purchased Rodan + Fields through one of my friends.  There products can’t be purchased in stores, so you have to purchase through a consultant.  She was selling the product and I just thought, “hey, what’s one more skincare line? I love using a variety.” That’s also something to note, my skin has always done best when I don’t just use the same thing everyday… mix it up from morning to night and even from one day to the next.  After about 1.5 months I began noticing that I could wear less (or no) makeup and my skin-tone was more even than it ever has been before, the dark circles I’ve always had under my eyes had lightened, and my skin was smoother than I even thought possible.  AMAZING.  So what’d I do?  I asked my friend how I could start selling the product as well?!  I mean, why not?!

I use the entire Unblemish Line every night before bed.  I do still use various other products during the day and once or twice per week will use a mask at night post washing my face.  I love that my skin improved in ways I never could have guessed, I have lighter dark circles which isn’t even the goal of this particular line but it has totally worked, and it is so easy knowing I just have to do the same steps every single night.

If you’re at all interested in learning more about their products, check out my products page here.  You can also take a skin quiz to find out what is suggested for your skin by clicking here.

In the future, I will post about other specific products that I use on my skin, but really felt it important to share the one that’s been the biggest game-changer in the last 4 months (or so) and is truly where my 2018 skin glow comes from!  (To be fair, when I do wear makeup, my “glow” also comes from the products I wrote about in this post haha.)

And of course, email me at if you want to talk more! I love talking skincare and would be more than happy to go over ways you can buy and/or sell if you’re interested in making some extra money!

I hope to talk to you about your skincare soon! xo

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