The ‘Lauren’ you can’t live without

The title of this post perhaps points to a “Lauren” whom you should live without… and that’s not at all what I’m implying.  This is just THE ‘Lauren’ I will personally never live without and you shouldn’t either…

I have been using the SAME wallet (okay, the same style of wallet) for the last 10 years or so… and I refuse to quit.  Hobo’s ‘The Lauren’ wallet simply cannot be beat!  (Does the title make more sense now?!?)

Here’s why:

  • You can fit SO much in it (including your cell phone and keys if you don’t have too many cards inside)
  • New leather colors come out every year, and they also do tons of fun patterns
  • The inside is always a pop of fun as well (think a cute paisley pattern or bright pink)
  • They’re AMAZING quality… I literally still have and use my very first Hobo wallet and I’ve never had to get it fixed/repaired
  • I’ve never had an issue with the magnet that holds the two sides together not being strong which says a lot about the consistency of their products
  • My patent leather neon yellow wallet has required some cleaning from time to time, and a baby wipe works like a dream… wallet looks brand new
  • They double as a clutch (but that makes it sound like it is huge… and it really isn’t)
  • I change mine out a few times a year usually, but ONLY into another ‘Lauren’ wallet
  • I probably have 6 of them at this point, and still think they’re the best ever and will gladly accept more (plus I like to gift them to people because WHY NOT?!)
  • Nordstrom frequently puts them on sale during their annual sales so they’re an actual steal at that point (I want to say like $80!)
  • Speaking of price, I’ve never found a better wallet and these ones are only $138 at their regular price
  • Some people have strong preferences on gold or silver, and they use both when making their wallets (including brushed), and I’ve never had one fade into another color (such as copper)
  • Even though I like to stuff mine to the brim, when I grab another one to change up my look, it still looks cute even when every pocket and compartment is not in use (you know how some wallets/purses/clutches need to have enough stuff in them so they don’t look sad and deflated? Not this one!)
  • When I travel I actually bring a less-filled ‘Lauren’ and even put my passport in it! It’s big enough!!

If it hasn’t become painfully obvious to you yet… I purchase most everything from Nordstrom.  You can shop ‘The Lauren’ at Nordstrom by clicking here.

Have you ever purchased one of these beauties?! Tell me about yours!

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