A piece of the 90s that’s making a comeback: Backpack Purses

There are some items over the years that went out of style in most people’s minds, but definitely not mine.  The funny thing about time is that styles have a tendency to come back into fashion… just give it 10 or 20 years.

One example would be overalls… I’ve been wearing those since I was a child (though the “fit” has changed), and now they’re back in style and I seem a lot less crazy for my constant love.  And of course, today’s featured item that went out of style but is making a comeback is BACKPACK PURSES!

I believe it was in 2010, I bought a beautiful black leather Marc Jacobs backpack purse and people thought it was so odd.  Like yes it is a quality bag… but who uses backpacks for purses anymore?! I DO! And guess what, they’re back! And I’m so happy about it!  Below are some of my favorite backpack purses on the market today.  They can be dressed up or down and they’re just as convenient as you remember.

Each item’s name is linked. 

Jaylee Faux Leather Mini Backpack by Sole Society

Rhea Medium Studded Leather Backpack by Michael Kors

Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack by Urban Outfitters

Julian Backpack by Rebecca Minkoff

Mini Lorimer Leather Backpack by Madewell

‘Embossed Boxy’ Backpack Diaper Bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom

‘Le Pliage’ Backpack by Longchamp

Trooper Backpack by Marc Jacobs

West 57th Backpack by Henri Bendel

The Somerset Mini Backpack by Madewell

Srilanka by Aldo

Anti-Theft Signature Slim Backpack by Travelon

Judi Leather Convertible Backpack by Perlina

Jetsetter Mini Convertible Nylon Backpack by Henri Bendel

Faux Leather Backpack by Express

Velvet Dome Backpack by Gap

Are there any styles that are “out” but that you could never quite give up? Let me know! And do you have a backpack purse?! Tell me about it!


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