Bobbi Brown kills the face oil game

Okay you guys, I remember when I first heard about face oil I was SO confused why on earth I would ever use such a product?! Here’s the thing… I have truly combination skin.  I have really oily skin (especially in my T zone) but also get very dry skin if I don’t moisturize regularly.  For real, palm to face.  How do I get dry skin while simultaneously being so oily?! So annoying.  Something as simple as the weather changing or using a face wash that I use on the regular, can completely dry out my skin for seemingly no reason at all.

But, it turns out that face oil is PERFECT for people with my kind of skin.  Actually, I think face oil is awesome for all types of skin.  I wear gel moisturizers during the day typically, but there’s two products I use at very specific times… and I’ve not found a brand I like better than Bobbi Brown when it comes to face oils!

Bobbi Brown Remedies Skin Clarifier Pore & Oil Control is wonderful.  I put it on my nose specifically and it TRULY makes my pores smaller (it is so weird… I’m not even sure how it works but it does), and also makes my nose (which is part of my T-zone of course) less oily.  One downside to this product — at least for me — is that I tried using it on my entire face and DID break out a bit.  I think it is maybe too heavy for my full face?  But I love to wear this product on my nose every single day, during the day, with or without makeup.  I’ve used it for a few months at this point and when using it in one area, it is great!  Item name is linked.

Now for a product I’ve been using for years: Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil.  This face oil — and the last one actually — goes a LONG way.  I don’t wear this product during the day, but I LOVE to wear it in the evening (or I guess during the day when I have nowhere to go.)  This product does not make my pores smaller like the other one, but it seems to hydrate my skin in the best way possible and it smells AMAZING since it uses essential oils. It is truly lightweight and doesn’t make you greasy because it absorbs quickly.  One use after I notice dryness or tightness in my skin and the problem is solved.  I especially like to use this face oil when I do a face mask or something similar that can be extra drying.  Item name is linked.

Side note: if you like a more “dewy” look, wearing face oil during the day is absolutely an option… I just prefer for my skin to look a bit more matte.

If you’ve never tried face oils, you might be surprised how wonderful they are.  And if you have your own favorites, let me know! I’m always interested in trying different products.



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