Anthropologie Home: now sold at Nordstrom (Hooray!)

For the first time in 25 years, Anthropologie has home goods available outside of their stores… and lucky for me — and you — items are available exclusively at Nordstrom! Wooohooo! So 5 days ago or so, I was scrolling through the Anthro items on and to my delight, the exact same dishes that I purchased right out of college are available!  And they’re seriously the cutest.

In 2012 when I graduated, I had found a teeny tiny shoe-box of an apartment in San Francisco just 2 blocks away from my job.  My studio was in a very old building made obvious by the hardwood floors, crown molding, subway tiling, rickety elevator with the metal bars you had to slam shut in order to go, and the horrendous stench.  I would later find out about the incurable cockroach problem which would quickly force me out of my cute little studio. Anyway, of course I thought… my little home will be beautiful because I will put the work in.  And I did.  There were high ceilings with bright white walls, the beautiful wood floors, and then a black and white “kitchen” and bathroom.  Remember it was a studio so I use the terms kitchen and bathroom very loosely. 

Even though I’ve always loved neutral colors, the brightness and whiteness of the studio made me want just a touch of color… enter the dishes I had found months before at Anthropologie and was having a silent love affair with.  Once I started packing to move I knew I had to go get them.  While I don’t currently use them for my everyday dishes — because I’d rather break an $8 plate than a $25 plate — I do use them for “special” meals.  And they’re still just as wonderful today as they were the day I purchased them back in 2012.

All item names linked.

My dishes:

I did not get all of the matching teacups, bowls, etc. because it was a little too bright and busy for my liking, so I got the plain bowls instead.

Sissinghurst Castle Dinner Plate $24

Latte Bowl $6

Sissinghurst Castle Stoneware Side Plate $14


Other Anthropologie items now available at Nordstrom that I’m coveting:

Karala Marble and Pinewood Cheese Board $49.95

Milk Bottle Measuring Cups $24

Alma Cake Stand $28

Pippa Set of 5 Measuring Spoons $20

Gilded Journey Carafe $32

Aliza Canapé Plate $14

Anthropologie is such a cool brand because their items are so unique and so easily mixed and matched.  If you’ve never checked out one of their stores, you absolutely have to in order to see the true art of their designs.  But, for those of us who love to rack up Nordstrom Notes, being able to purchase through Nordstrom really is a dream come true!  Remember, picking items as simple as dishes can really say a lot about your style, mood, and overall “feel.”


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