The queen of Italian White Truffle Sea Salt… and all other amazing spice blends

I’ve included Liberte du Monde Gourmet’s products in many of my Instagram stories, but I love the products — and owner — so much I decided to share more about the company with all of you!  I first came into contact with Christy when my mom gifted me some of Christy’s products (thanks, mom!)… Italian White Truffle Sea Salt, an African Spice Blend, a smoked sea salt, etc.  I loved each product I tried. The White Truffle Sea Salt is LITERALLY. TO. DIE. FOR.  I’m not even joking, it makes everything taste amazingly gourmet (and PERFECT.)

Liberte du Monde Gourmet sells gourmet salts and blends, popcorn salts and seasonings, curry and masala blends, gourmet sugars, herbs and spice blends, tea, alchemic apothecary items (think nutritional yeast, beet powder, bee pollen granules), chili powders, cocktail rimming sugars, BBQ rubs, etc.  The list is really quite endless.  She also sells gift sets which allow you to try multiple items at once!

I finally decided to contact Christy — outside of just praising the deliciousness of her awesome products — and I was super excited to find out that her products are even better than I realized.  See I was interested in purchasing through her because I liked what I’d previously tried, but I also enjoyed the fact that she was local to Tacoma, WA where I grew up.  You know, the whole “support local/shop local” thing is wonderful… and because she’s so active on her Instagram, I started to feel like I knew her.  But unlike my norm, I neglected to ask important questions about the quality of the products when purchasing.  That being said, I’m so glad I finally did.  Here’s what I found out: every single ingredient she uses is organic and pesticide free, and all are from small family owned businesses (she works with over 80 vendors). Even the paper she uses for labels is from a family owned and carbon neutral certified company.  Most of her packaging is reusable and all is recyclable… Christy also encourages clients to purchase refills or repurpose the containers she uses.  How freakin’ awesome is all of that?! Best news ever!

Christy started her company so she could work from home while caring for her partner’s daughter.  She was teaching her “bonus kiddo” as she calls her — I’m sorry, how cute? — how to cook some of her favorite recipes and realized how difficult it can be to find certain ingredients.  Cue imaginary lightbulb going off in her head. She decided to create a business offering the finest quality ingredients.  As she says, “the key to better eating is better ingredients as well as cooking at home.”

Even though Tacoma will soon lose her as a resident — she’s moving all the way to Detroit — I still can’t recommend her products enough.  Follow her Instagram (@libertedumondegourmet) to see new products, sales, and even upcoming fairs she will be attending! If you’re lucky, you might just get to browse her products in person.  And I know it may sound like her products would be overly pricy considering the quality, but they’re actually quite affordable and/or comparable to prices you’d find in health stores on organic products.

Click here to shop her website!

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