Travel Tip for the ladies: Bring NUDE undergarments

Finally I’m getting caught up on some of the posts I’ve been meaning to write since our Euro Adventure… and the first one is for the ladies. If you’re going somewhere warm (actually this should probably just be a rule of thumb if you’re going anywhere), bring NUDE undergarments.

I found myself prepping for an engagement shoot in Santorini, Greece. I was in need of a white — or at least lightly colored — Greecian dress. After a number of options were ruled out, I finally found one I was happy with. Of course, I didn’t even think about my undergarments until putting the dress on just 15 minutes or so before meeting the photographer for our planned shoot. Serious palm to forehead moment. I had a gray bra with lace embellishments and a bright pink bow (ugh, seriously?!), and a white lace thong. Literally, those were the lightest color options I had to wear with this incredibly light-weight dress.

In case it isn’t obvious, my skin tone isn’t white… and so the white thong looked EXTRA bright. Though I got lucky that the bust section of the dress was double layered which hid the bra “issues”, no such luck on the part needing to cover my booty. I had to ask the photographer a handful of times if she was sure my underwear couldn’t be seen in the pictures (because it was sure visible in the mirror.)

Anyway, I think you get it. Learn from me. Always have a set of nude undergarments with you when you travel. You never know when something unexpected will occur leaving you in need of a truly skin-tone panty and bra.

Though Victoria Secret reminds me of high school because I always got the 7 for $25 deal back then, I do still shop there when I’m in need of some new undies. The prices are raised and the particular ones I now wear weren’t available in the “group rate” section last I checked, but regardless… if you need some nude lacie types, their selection is quite good.

Photo is from our engagement shoot with the amazing local woman Haroon had capture the proposal a few nights prior. But, in case you were wondering, I just looked back through all of our pictures, and in every single photo taken from behind (you know, the cute ones of us walking around holding hands), you can absolutely see my bright white thong. FML, right? I can’t wait to show my future children how unprepared mommy was….

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