Let’s get TROPICAL

A trend I can certainly get on board with this year is the addition of tropical elements to the interior décor.

Whether it be palm leaf patterned pillows, pineapple vases, leaf prints, large pieces of coral, tropical bird figurines, huge photos from a tropical vacation, pineapple light fixtures, banana leaf wallpaper, a real life palm plant, or even bird-of-paradise linens… each and every tropical piece is so very welcomed this year! 

I love the immediate serenity felt when introducing décor you’d expect to find on a relaxing vacay. Not to mention, you can go “all out” and turn an entire room — or home — into a tropical oasis, or you can simply add a few touches here and there!

Note: I am a freelance content writer for a real estate professional and one of the topics I cover is home décor/interior design trends. Because I post about this weekly, I’m going to start including some of those posts [slightly edited] on here as well… because why not?! These posts will be short, sweet, and heavy on photos.

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 What do you think of this popular 2019 trend?! Comment below!


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