Watermelon Hack

Alright, this is such a random post… but being that it is nearly Summer which obviously means WATERMELON SEASON… I thought I should share this incredible hack that’s changed my watermelon game for life.

Now, I’ve only done this with the small — are they called “mini”? — watermelons, but I imagine it could work with most sizes. Simply cut the melon in half, place one half flesh-side down, then slice in 1/2 inch to 1 inch sections, then turn and cut the other way. Basically you’re creating squares all across the skin which can then be picked straight up.

From there, sprinkle Tajin, dip in a yogurt sauce, or just eat as is. However you like to enjoy your watermelon, hopefully you find this hack makes the process of enjoying melon this Summer to be a whole lot easier.



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