Try these steps to grow your hair

Over the last year or so my hair has REALLY grown, and while I’m in no way an expert on the topic, I thought I’d share what seems to have worked for me. Try one or all of my tips, and hopefully you’ll see an improvement in your hair growth — and strength — as well!

First let me say, some people’s hair grows so fast and always looks healthy without really trying. Those people are lucky AF. My hair has always been the exact opposite. Since I was in high school I’ve gotten my hair relaxed every 4 – 5 weeks. Though I love the look of naturally curly hair, I cannot commit because my hair is SO curly (teeny tiny little curls) and that is way too much work… yessss, I’m LAZY with my hair. So, while some have told me, “stop getting your hair relaxed and then it will be healthier and stronger and grow faster,” I don’t consider that to be an option. This also means that every tip that I’m about to share has improved my hair health even with a monthly chemical treatment.

Get yourself a quality shampoo and conditioner.

I started using Monat products based on the recommendation of a friend, and I love them. Now the first bottle of shampoo I got wasn’t quite the right fit for my needs, but the second one was awesome and I really noticed a difference in how clean and strong my hair feels after each use. This was my first step in trying to get my hair to grow and I’m glad I did because after about a month of use I noticed how much thicker my hair looked at the scalp, and I knew it truly was working when friends noticed.

Blow dry/use hot tools as little as possible.

Even though I used to ONLY like my hair blow dried, straightened, and then frequently curled (sounds weird when my hair is already curly but the curls I get using a wand or iron are vastly different than my natural curls), I realized it isn’t so bad when it dries naturally… it just takes finding some products that work for your particular hair. Even though my hair is relaxed, it is still curly/wavy. I love to use Monat’s Air Dry Cream.

Add collagen to your diet.

I’ve tried more than one type of collagen, but the one I love most is the Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides (I assume I like it most because it has 20g of collagen per serving which is higher than any of the others I’ve tried). Let me be clear, collagen smells like dog pee… and it looks like it as well when mixed with water. BUT, if you add it to hot water, mix it up, then add your favorite tea, the flavor is just about hidden. Seriously though, if your gag reflex is strong, do NOT smell the collagen as you’re mixing it into water. That being said, in introducing collagen into my diet I saw my hair strengthening and growing, plus my skin became way more clear, and it even helps with achy joints.

Take your vitamins.

I take a few different ones thanks to my naturopath, but I think the key is making sure that you are getting all the needed nutrients. Because I thought I’d over do it, I take my prescribed vitamins (which I could already see a big difference in my hair, skin, and nails) but I also started taking HAIRtamin which are vitamins specifically for your hair. I honestly can’t say if those have made a huge difference or not because I do take them with my other vitamins, but I’m sure if hair growth is your main concern you could do one or the other. Side note: HAIRtamin and Nature Made’s Hair, Skin, and Nails both have been used by me at different times, I noticed a difference with both, but they also both make me nauseous if not taken with food so just remember that.

Get your hair trimmed regularly.

I wasn’t trimming my hair for a while because I wanted it to be as long as possible before my wedding (not because I was wearing it down, but because I knew more length could mean more volume.) Unfortunately, that wasn’t the best decision. Since then I’ve gotten my hair trimmed up to an inch every 4 – 5 weeks (the first picture at the top was taken post getting an inch chopped off) and clearly it is helping the growth process!

Please enjoy the Snapchat photos below, documenting my hair growth…

Photos from February 2019 through Present

Photos from December 2017 through April 2018

Sometimes — like in the top picture — my hair may look a little frizzy when I let it air dry (especially if I don’t use enough product) but I’m so thrilled with the growth. If you try even a couple of the ideas I shared above, my guess is you’ll start seeing some improvement.

What are you favorite tips and tricks for your hair? Ever try a hair mask (I haven’t but I’ve wanted to!)?? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Anj

P.S. The products I use are linked (they appear gray). And no, I get nothing out of you using the links… just trying to make it easier for anyone who is curious. 


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