Baby A’s Neutral Nursery

I meant to share baby’s nursery when I was still pregnant but with the state of the world and a somewhat challenging end to my pregnancy, this post was put on the back burner!

That being said, I’ve linked all items if they’re still in stock — luckily most are — and if not, I tried to find comparable pieces. Links are the descriptor names. I designed the nursery before I knew my son’s sex so there’s nothing specifically “boy” or specifically “girl.”

Nursery Theme: neutral, natural, and with a hint of industrial? I don’t know really, I just had a vision in my head and followed it. I wanted wood of all different tones (both natural and stained), clean lines, metal, black & white, and a touch of green (inspired by his rocking chair but carried through in plants.) 

Floating Bookshelves/Baskets These were actually listed as spice racks when I purchased them but the listing is updated. They’re very sturdy, hold a lot of books, and were pretty easy to install.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree I spent months searching for a Fiddle or Fig tree and after much consideration and countless reviews I settled on this one. I’m glad I did because it looks amazing in person. The only downside is how teeny tiny the little pot at the base is because it doesn’t keep the tree balanced.

Braided Basket I was already planning on getting a fun basket base for the tree, but I had to use bubble wrap and old t-shirts to hold the tree in place and in the correct position so it wouldn’t fall over, so the height of this basket was helpful. However, it is labeled as “gray” but it clearly is not.

Lamb Rocker I had this super unique piece on my registry and one of Enzo’s aunties — Kristin — got it for him! I didn’t want mine personalized but you can have that done. Unfortunately they are sold out so here is a link for a Bear Rocker I also considered.

Tribal Print Rug I actually almost returned this one because I was originally looking for the white of the rug to be less dingy looking (and to be honest this rug is fine, not great when it comes to texture/quality) but it grew on me and does the job.

Crib In my eyes, this is the focal point of the whole room so I wanted something high quality and natural. It is pricier than a lot of cribs because of the extra level of quality (for instance, a lot of cribs use a different material for the mattress to sit on and I hated how that looked but this one uses solid wood throughout, and you also have to be careful to get a crib with good paint that won’t chip) but it is gorgeous and if we decided to have more kids it would certainly last for many.

Coconut Fiber Mattress I know you can’t actually see the mattress but I did a lot of research on all the products I got so I’m including this so you can grab it if you’re interested.

Organic Cotton Mattress Pad Cover Another item I’m simply including for convenience. I try to buy organic whenever possible for Enzo so there’s no added chemicals he’s exposed to… but honestly I’m not certain it makes a huge difference in this case.

Brushstroke Sheet Had to keep that black & white energy going so I found this adorable print. While it isn’t included in the photos, my Boppy cover is the same brushstroke print and I love it.

Nanit Baby Monitor Okay, I did a LOT of research to decide which monitor to pick and at the end of the day, this one won. It shows you the entire crib — no blind spots — with space outside of the crib in the “loading zone” as well. Not to mention there’s some pretty cool monitoring features it has (more than just a video) so I highly encourage you to check it out. One thing I love? The video is connected to an app on your phone so you can see it from literally anywhere.

Wooden Name Lettering LOVE THESE. You can customize the font and size, and then hang however you see fit… I used Command Hanging Tape.

Wood Blanket Ladder I knew I needed another way to “store” the many blankets and muslins I had for Enzo because the one basket I have on the floor by the Fiddle Leaf Tree isn’t enough, but I didn’t want to take up much space. If you want another way to add decorative appeal to the room, this is a great option. While I think this ladder does look nice, it actually is quite rough and could catch on fabric pretty easily so there probably are options that make more sense if you plan to use the blankets on there everyday.

Mirror w/ Built-In Shelf This item is HEAVY so be careful on the install and make sure not to cut any corners in the process. But, I love how it looks. Just know the item says it comes with mounting hardware and it definitely does not.

Rope Laundry Basket I believe I actually bought this item the day I found out I was pregnant because I saw it at Costco and knew it matched the theme I wanted for my future baby’s nursery. A similar basket is linked here from Amazon.

Sheep Mobile Another registry piece that I’m so thankful my beautiful friend — Lauren — got for Enzo. I know mobiles are typically hung over the crib but I switched it up for decorative purposes.

Floor Lamp Convenient because the on/off switch is a push button on the ground. I really like the look of this one — and wanted more black accents — but it is built a bit crooked so that’s not ideal. Out of stock in black but other colors available.

Velvet Rocking Chair OBSESSED with this rich emerald color and that the base is solid wood. I will say the wood color shown on the website is much lighter than in person, but that wasn’t a negative for me. I purchased the chair and the crib within a week or so of each other and they were what everything else was designed around. Comes in multiple colors.

Changing Table/Dresser Originally I didn’t know I was going to take off the closet doors but I knew the room wasn’t huge and therefore needed a changing table that would double as a dresser. The quality is good but I purchased different drawer knobs because the ones provided were white wood and looked a bit cheap to me. The piece on top that makes the dresser a changing table is easily removed in the future.

Changing Pad Cover Another black & white print that was easily incorporated to keep my “theme” going.

Wicker Baskets If I needed to get into them everyday I would pick something different because they’re a bit rough to the touch and tiny pieces of basket do sometimes fall off though they’re pretty sturdy.

Phases of the Moon Wood Sign I painted this while pregnant (though I hadn’t found out yet!) at a birthday event for my friend Blythe. While you can’t simply buy the sign, I linked the company in case you’re ever in the Livermore, CA area and want to do a class.

Velvet Hangers I use velvet hangers in my own closet because I think they hold clothing better and they tend to be thinner than a lot of other hangers, so I got the same for baby and they’re just as great. Comes in multiple colors.

Not pictured:

Outlet Covers I took the pictures before putting these safety covers on the outlets but they’re really sleek and nice looking, and they’re inexpensive which is a plus.

I finished my son’s nursery before the 3rd trimester even began… which is totally unnecessary considering I don’t think Enzo has even been in his nursery at all in his 6 weeks of life. BUT, for me, there was something very therapeutic about designing and preparing the space… I think they call that nesting. I got items that I will be happy to carry into a future bedroom as he gets older — and I hope he will be too — because the pieces are neutral and for the most part, good quality. 

My suggestion? Choose items you would utilize in other areas of your home because the chance is you will have to redecorate sooner than you want to if the decor is too cheeky and theme specific. Then again, I’m the queen of neutrals so my “theme” was to be expected… 🙂

Fun Fact: while this post mentions “Baby A,” A being for my last name, we actually called my son “Baby E” until we found out his sex and chose a name because we knew all of our favorite names started with the letter E!

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