Holiday Tradition: Pom Pom Baths

Christmas 2022: pom poms, light cubes, green food coloring

My original Instagram post about Holiday Pom Pom Baths was on Valentine’s Day 2022. See below.

But, I also wanted to add that we’ve gotten a little more fun (now that E is older and since we save Pom Pom Baths for holidays) and add 2 drops of food coloring, glow sticks, plastic animals (Enzo likes to pretend they jump around on the pom poms), sponges, and even small plastic figurines (like skulls for Halloween), etc. There’s really no limit to the fun you can have… especially with a kid who enjoys bath time. That being said, JUST pom poms work too and I promise your little one will get a kick out of the bath!

Original Instagram Post

If you have little ones, I highly suggest Holiday Pom Pom Baths! Ever since Enzo transitioned out of his baby bath tub, we’ve started this fun tradition… and he loves it. 🥰

I buy large packages of pom poms from Amazon — or a local craft store — and sort them by holiday into ziplock bags, and then when the day comes around they’re already ready to go. 👍🏼

Green, red and white for Christmas. Black and orange for Halloween. Red, white and blue for 4th of July. Orange, yellow and brown for Thanksgiving. Red, white, pink and purple for Valentine’s Day, and so on. ♥️

I will do this fun — and easy — tradition with Enzo until he tells me he’s too cool for this “kid” stuff. But for now I hope he starts to remember that holiday bath time is a little extra fun! 🎉

P.S. The original idea for pom pom baths came from @thebusytoddler, and I just changed it up a bit for a fun family tradition.

P.P.S. The first photo is actually the last one I took as I always let Enzo sit in the tub until the water has run out because then he knows, it’s time to stop playing and get out. When there’s poms it’s even more fun to sit in a nearly empty tub. 😂

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