Favorite slippers for littles

If you have a little one — or simply know someone with a small child — these Lisdwde slippers are the best!

I got these for Enzo right before starting potty training, and they’ve therefore had more pee on/in them than either of us would like to admit. But, what’s really great about them is that they wash like a dream (I throw them in both the washer and dryer along with E’s other clothing) and come out looking brand new every time. I actually think they were washed five times just in that first week of potty training… and the photos in this post are after all that and many subsequent washes.

The other wonderful “things” to note: these slippers have a non-slip rubber sole which are perfect for hard floors and were a nonnegotiable when I was searching for a new pair of slippers; they stay on well due to the narrowing around the ankle but aren’t too tight nor too difficult to get on (even for E’s big Flinstone feet); although E prefers to be barefoot most of the time, unlike other shoes and socks, he likes wearing these all day; they come in a multitude of colors; and for the price (currently they’re $18.99 on Amazon within an additional 10% off coupon) you really can’t beat them.

Click here to purchase from Amazon.


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