My favorite — free — baby tracking app

This is a screenshot of the home screen. As you can see, the items on the top are in a “quick add” format, but there is also a plus sign on the bottom right for everything else (not pictured.)

I downloaded the app “Newborn Tracker – My Baby” from the App Store, right before Enzo was born, and I’m so glad I did. The app makes it incredibly easy to track your baby’s physical milestones and growth rate, as well as custom events, health, sleep, baths, diapers, moods, foods, etc.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that we’ve moved a lot in Enzo’s lifetime so we don’t have just one place to go for all of Enzo’s health/growth stats because he’s had new doctors every time, but with this app I’m able to update each time we go to the doctor, plus the time he went to the emergency room for food poisoning, his first words, his first foods, etc. And really, the food piece was huge because in the first few months I’d add every new food in there just in case I needed to look back on any type of reaction.

Having everything in one easy spot is SO nice too because as much as we all think we will remember everything by heart, we don’t. I’ve had other mom’s ask me questions about certain milestones for Enzo and I — for the most part — have it all documented in the app so I had no problem giving accurate responses. In addition to there being specific categories, you’re also able to add photos and as I mentioned earlier, anything that isn’t already listed can be added as a “custom event.”

So, if you’re a parent like me who wants to keep on top of everything but in the easiest way possible (we pretty much all have our phones at all times, so this is pretty darn easy), look at the screenshots of the app on my phone in this post, and see if it is something you might want to use for your kiddos. I’m still so glad I have it (even with Enzo being two), even though it does get significantly less use now than in the early days. Actually, it will be updated again next month at Enzo’s 30 month appointment… or before, who knows?!

Happy parenting! 🙂

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