Who are you grateful for?

I took this selfie on Snapchat when I got home… with the words, “Long day taking care of my mom (post surgery) + the usual with Enzo. But, happy heart.”

Today, Enzo and I got to my aunt’s house at 8:30am and we didn’t leave until this evening. You see, my mom had hip surgery on Monday and my aunt — my mom’s sister — needed me to come help and watch my mom for the day, as she would be gone all day. The day was really like any other with E except that we weren’t at our own house so I had less housework to worry about, and, of course, I had to take care of my mom as well… which by the way, wasn’t all that difficult; she is an easy patient (so far anyway!)

I guess this post is really just sharing something I was reminded of today… how wonderful it is that my aunt offered to have my mom stay with her — and take on all of the duties that come with that post surgery — plus encouraged her to get the needed surgery in the first place. How great that I got to spend the day taking care of my mom and also teaching my kid what it means to be gentle with someone who has “a big ouchie,” but also to spend time with them and show love and care.

I left feeling pretty tired from a day of care-taking not one but two — especially since I used Enzo’s nap to run a few errands for my mom and grab us lunch — but also, my heart feels/felt all the warm fuzzies. Family coming together to support each other is really beautiful and certainly not something to take for granted.

Sending out a wish for everyone to just pause for a moment and think of their blood and/or chosen family, and be grateful. It is really such a blessing to have people in our lives to love and care for.


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